Inquiry Topic: Flying Tigers

I have now narrowed down my inquiry project to the impact of the Flying Tigers on the village. I have chosen the Flying Tigers because I feel that this inquiry project has the best connection with me and i feel like I can expand on it the best. I know that taking on the Flying Tiger inquiry project will be a great way to be immersed in the town’s culture and history. I know this just from the story Mr. Tafel told me the other day. How one time he was in the town and there was a Chinese girl who asked him if he could read English and he said yes (in Chinese) so the girl took him to her house and showed him a book. In this book it was a flight practice journal of one of the Flying Tigers.

Hi 你好 my name is Jacob. I was born in Taipei Taiwan. I am a American and Canadian citizen. I lived in Taiwan for 11 and a half years. I then moved to the US for 2 and now I live in Shanghai. So I am a 3rd culture kid! I love airports and traveling around the world. Never have had a Twinkie. I had a great experience at XiZhou the best part for me most likely was the silence, and of course the food.