Inquiry Topic: Change and Development in Xizhou

I am studying change and development of Xizhou. This project allows for a unique perspective of Chinese modernity that has only been told by government officials and the media, which is partly what contributes to its appeal. As a Chinese person, it would be sad if I was a complete neophyte on subjects of Chinese culture, and now that I think about it, I realized it is important for me to understand changes in society. I plan to find out how Yunnan has changed over the years, and how that has impacted both the banker and the worker. I would need to talk to people of difference socio-economic status to fully understand how Yunnan has transformed over years.

I am an inquisitive, curious, and eager boy, and enjoy games, books, and learning. I love playing chess, and am pretty good at it (Hopefully). I am also fun, playful and creative. To all those who will be going to Microcampus, looking forward to it. I will try to make my blog posts as thoughtful, new, funky, and entertaining for you guys. Quoting Johann Friedrick von Schiller, "If we do not find anything very pleasant, at least we shall find something new". That is my attitude towards Microcampus.