Inquiry Topic: Herbalism and Secondary Medicine in Xizhou

I am incredibly interested in herbalism and secondary medicine found in Xizhou, especially in the usage belief of the medical techniques. This interest comes from my family's blended use of Chinese and Western medicine, as a result I am mixed between the beliefs in medicinal practices. Through Microcampus, my overall goal is to be able to distinguish the reasons between the similarities and differences between the belief of the two medicines and the reasons behind it. Before going to Xizhou, I would research the belief behind Western medicine and learn about the beliefs behind Western medicine and why it was able to spread so quickly throughout the world compared to Chinese medicine. 

Residing currently in Xizhou, I've had a very wonderful experience here so far. It's interesting to view how the village works and how the people interact with one another. It's definitely been a privilege for me to find the other side of me. I normally enjoy music, games, and exploring new things. I am excited for what more Xizhou has to offer!