Inquiry Topic: Local Trade/Tea Horse Trail

The topic that stood out for me was Local trade/Tea Horse Trail, and this is the inquiry project I will be focused on during my Microcampus trip. After some research, I found out that the tea and antique trade present in Xizhou greatly impacted the people living there and this made me extra curious about the origins and development of the trail. From the opportunities given by this trip, I would like to discover more about the local antique trade because I feel like each small, fragile, decorative antique has their own significance and cultural relevance behind it, which meant I could explore the cultures and traditions of Xizhou and bond with the people by having insightful conversations about the antiques and their stories.

Hey I am Clark and I am currently in Xizhou, enjoying my stay at Yangzhuoran. I was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania but brought up in Shanghai since the age of 2. Microcampus has been awesome so far as I have been exploring many new aspects of this new home and connecting with my fellow teammates in the Voyagers crew. My inquiry project will be focusing on the tea horse road and its economic (short-term and long-term) impacts on antique trade in the Xizhou markets. As I am researching, I will be aware of my impact in this village and, most importantly, enjoy my experience here.