Inquiry Topic: Tea

I choose to investigate tea because I personally love tea as a drink as it comes with a refreshing taste while staying healthy, making it one of my top picks. This topic is important to me because I drink tea almost every day, and whenever I drink it, I think about the events that came with it, such events as its contribution to the Silk Road, how China became one of the most powerful empires in the world because of it, the cultures it influenced such as Japan and the UK, and the opium wars, therefore this topic interests me massively. I plan to find out how tea is made, where it started from, and what other major influences the drink had. I could imagine me going up to tea farmers or/and makers and asking what process the tea leaves had gone through to go from a leaf to a drink, while also trying to gain information on its historical value.

My name is Sunny, and I was a part of the Voyagers group in microcampus.I'm a gamer, artist, and love building stuff! I chose to join the Microcampus program because I want to become more independent and learn the lesser known cultures of China. The trip was amazing and I hope to come to Xizhou again.