Preparation stage

Excited, Alba is getting ready to dive into her rural experience in Southern China. I am as excited as I feel the opportunity very unique. We tend to travel a lot so getting out of Shanghai‘s bubble is something we do rather often but being immersed for a month within a local Chinese community is rather different. I am going to look forward to hearing her comments on the way. Have a wonderful journey, the one of sharing, enquiring, organizing and expanding your compassionate self. It is through absence that ones appreciates even more presence, so a month apart is long but it will make you more appreciative about life in general. 


Bye Alba, see you in 28 days

Elijah and I brought Alba to the airport, all is looking good and we wish her a great great trip. Just two words to confirm safety and arrival, perfect- nothing else needed on our side. Eager to have our first skype contact in a little while, should do one every two days...Will always think of you and support you in the distance, sending loving vibes so you can embrace the experience and make the most of the moment. You are never alone, we love you dearly and trust you. Mom and jaja :)

I am an educator, a free lance writer, photographer and a kundalini yoga teacher. I am a keen traveler, always looking for new, adventurous experiences for myself and the family. I believe in project based learning and the strengths of settings outside the classroom situation. I am indeed very excited to have Alba in the Microcampus team.