Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

Updated 6 years 6 months ago

I plan on sharing my photos with a huge variety of people. With each picture, come a story, and I feel as though my 'story-telling' time is limited, which is fine. To fix this, I plan on constructing a website that contains not only my photos, but a small subtext for each, explaining what I learned taking those set of photos. I will also being putting together a quick movie of the photos together.

My audience range for the movie will be the kids in school that have an interest for not only photography, but an interest in stories about other cultures as well. For my website, I am hoping for my audience to be worldwide photographers, who will be able to give me constructive criticism. I really hope this experience can put me in a place where I can be in contact with famous photographers from all over the world helping and giving me tips.



Hi! I am currently a high school student at SAS Puxi, and a Microcampus Alumni. I wanted to participate in Microcampus since I had always stayed near home, and wanted an adventure. The trip was a fun experience as I was able to meet people from all over China. I would love to help any current/future Microcampus student with any questions they have!