Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

Updated 5 years 4 months ago

The main point that I hope to share with my audience is how tie dye is made, and what it is like to buy or sell it.

 My audience for this point would be anyone that is interested.  For instance I could ask around middle school, and see if anyone wants to see my presentation.  If not, then I can always present it to curious teachers such as the art teachers.  

Other information that would be an important addition to my main point could be an interview with a vendor, to show an example of the vendor's point of view.  I could talk a bit about the history of tie dye, and how the dyes have changed over time.

I will also include how the roles have changed over time, from men making the textiles to the women.  The additional information would probably just be the things that I found most interesting while researching my topic. 

The way that I plan to present my final product is through film.  I have taken video of the entire tie dye process, and will make the video easy to follow and understand.  I also hope to bring in samples, and show the people directly how tie dye is made.  Then I could show the obvious difference between Batik and tie dye, and explain how you can see the differences of the two.  My project will be part video, and part interactive.




Mirabel! Ok, you have no idea who I am, but I was your babysitter while you were living in Frankfurt. Your mom will remember me as Laura Fuller. I can't believe how grown up you are now! Unfortunately, your mom and I lost touch when you all moved to Belgium. How wonderful that you are living in China now! I'm living in Connecticut with my German husband and our two little boys. I know this must seem so random to you, but I was going through old photos last night and came across some of you and your brother :) I have such fond memories of you both, and had to see if I could find you...and here you are!! Wow. Please say hello to Marita for me! Wishing you all the best Mirabel! Laura Rodenbusch

Hello, my name is Mirabel and I am part of this amazing adventure as well. I have an American Passport, but have never lived in America. I was born in Germany and after a few years moved to Belgium. I lived in Belgium for seven years and now am living in Shanghai, China. I love traveling the world, and think that this trip is a wonderful experience. I can't wait to explore all of the different possibilities. This short bio is making me sound slightly boring, so please don't assume that! I am a crazy person, so I doubt that this trip will have any dull moments. 再见!