Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

Updated 5 years 5 months ago

The point of my project was so that I could learn about the process of making tie dyed fabrics in the Bai minority, so that is my thesis. 

My project will be presented to a variety of people. It will be shown to the Microcampus group as well as school staff such as principals, teachers, and parents. It is also possible that we will be lending the Linden Center copies of our inquiry projects. 

Along with the process of making tie dye, I will also need to include a few points to add to my final product. This would be facts such as what the dye is made of, what the fabric is, and photos to help my audience visualize the process.

Because my project shows steps of a process, I think the best way to present that would be by a movie. This way, unlike a written piece or presentation, I can easily show pictures. With a movie, I can also show the clear points where the steps start and end. 

I am an alumnus of the Microcampus program. I visited Xizhou with 10 other students in March of 2012 as part of the pilot, Group A! I am now 16 years old and attending high school in the United States as a junior. I was first interested in Microcampus because of the amazing travel and environment experience it offers. My time in Yunnan has inspired me to join other unique team programs throughout high school, such as Odyssey of the Mind and the FIRST Robotics Competition. In all the years it's been since I left Xizhou, I still haven't seen grass so green or a night sky with so many stars!