Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

Updated 6 years 3 months ago

The main point that I hope to share with my audience through my final product is the long-lasting efforts that the Bai women have made in order to preserve their traditions, especially related to their clothing. My audience for this project would be the Shanghai American School community, and if I decided to post something about this project on the internet, perhaps the world. In addition to my thesis, I hope that my audience will gain an understanding of the natural elements of the Erhai Lake Valley that are portrayed in Bai nationality clothing. In order to express my message, I'd like to create several pieces of art relating to and using the design elements of Bai Nationality clothing. 

These Art Projects could be:

-Using elements unique to Shanghai to make a "Shanghai" headpiece, similar to the Bai Woman headpiece.

-Remaking Bai Minority Clothing out of different, recyclable mediums. 

-A painting or collage of a Bai Woman

And other ideas. When I find Inspiration, I'll report to Mr. Tafel on a new project idea. By the end of the school year when the project is due, I hope to have a collection of art inspired by the Bai minority's clothing, art, and traditions. 

Hello, I'm Madeleine. I was in the pilot Microcampus program in 2012. In Xizhou, I researched Bai Minority Clothing because of my interest in the patterns and embroidery on Bai clothing. Though a seemingly lackluster topic, I found that my project became less and less about clothing, and more about the preservation of traditions in a village that is becoming more and more exposed to the world outside of the valley. I welcome you to take a look at my project, and see how my ideas and thoughts had developed over the course of a month!