Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

Updated 7 years 10 months ago

My main point that I hope to share with my audience is that the Chinese government is very unique and different from Western countries' government.  I will describe the process of collecting information and talking to the villagers from Phase Zero all the way to Phase Three of the inquiry project.  Additionally, I will share this thesis by describing the learning process I went through.  Also, I want to share how I came to this conclusion.

My audience for this is foreigners living in Shanghai because their hometown government is almost completely opposite of the Chinese government.  I want them to obtain a new perspective on the Chinese Government on the local level from my inquiry project.  Additionally, they haven't been exposed to China and Asia much in general and I plan to change this with my inquiry project on governance.  I plan to show them the drastic differences the loacl Chinese government has from the local American government.

I will also share information about the village governance I amassed from sources other than the village government.  This includes information from former local politicials and to-be government officials.  Some background information preceding the project will also be shared.

The best type of media for the project is essay because it describes my ideas and learning process the best way.  Additionally, I can express my opinion and my point of view better this way.  I need to describe my inquiry project, the situation and the government in as much detail as possible and I believe that the essay media will suit my needs in the best way.



Hey I'm Jason and I'm in Xizhou! I am studying village governance by interacting and communicating with the local people and the local officials. I also enjoy playing basketball and listening to music. Currently, I am enjoying the Microcampus experience and having fun! Feel free to check out my blog posts and inquiry project.