Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

Updated 7 years 10 months ago

My thesis is what it would take to find out what it would take to recreate a the ecology of Yunnan on a smaller scale in a isloated enviroment somewhere else (for example a large greenhouse) that would behave the same as the ecology as Yunnan to scale.

My audience are the people that are interested in the flora of the area, but I will most likely write the information for the next group here as I was only able to classify a very small portion of the plants here and did not answer many of my initial questions. So more specifically my audience is the people who want to continue researching plant life during their time here in Yunnan.

In addition to the main point I should share informtion that did not fit into the 10 questions but it is still valid information and could come in handy later. I should also share what worked through my process here at Microcampus and what did not work too well.

The medium I will use is most likely a paper of some sort. In which contains all the information that I gathered and displays it in something that is easy to interpret. Although that might be a little bit "low tech," I think that is what will acheve the purpose of informing the next group the best.

Hey everyone! So my name is Christopher but you probably saw that around three times before reading that so I assume you already know that. I am currently a student of the Microcampus trip and I am researching the plants and animals of the area. I wasn't born in a large city so none of this is too surprising to me but it's great to be back in a familiar surrounding as the one I was born in. The flora around here is amazing, with huge amounts of wildflowers and interesting plants. The people here are really accepting and willing to tell their story. Completely opposite of large cities like Shanghai where the attitude is usually buy something or leave. All in all I’m loving my experience at Microcampus.