Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

Updated 6 years 5 months ago

I am going to teach the future students of both Microcampus and Shanghai American School 7th grade science students about earthquakes and peoples response to earthquakes.

I did this inquiry project because I loved the geology unit last year in 7th grade science. I thought this would also a bit of a follow up project with the geology of 7th grade. I am hoping to teach the 7th graders about earthquakes, geology, and how local people in small villages might prepare for and respond to earthquakes. I could also make my final project for future microcampus groups so they can be safe in case there is an earthquake.

Some information that must be needed to know for the final product is that the people who look at my final product will have to know about the structure of the houses in Xizhou. The audience would need to know this because it is a visual proof to show how people here have adapted to the natural environment.  I have pictures for evidence of how the logs fit into one another. The audience would have to know about the geology around Xizhou and Yunnan and about the tectonic plates. They need to know about this to get an idea of the earthquake rate per year.

For my final product, I am doing two different products. One is a document about earthquake saftey. I am doing this for the Microcampus students that will go on this trip because they might not know what to do during an earthquake. Another product is a 15-20 minute slide show for 7th graders to teach them about the geology and to teach them a "real world" example about earthquakes during their Dynamic Earth unit.

Hi, my name is Nick. I researched about geology of Xizhou and Yunnan. I found out more then the flat world of Shanghai and the mountains of Yunnan. I left and I am in 9th grade.