Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

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Main point I want to share: 

The main point that I want to share with my audience is the games that the children in Xizhou play. At first I was very interested in the games that are involved in the education of the children,  but then I realized that this does not exist... The children learn so differently, and there are no games or play involved, not even in the simplest ways. This has caused me to focus completely on the games that are played out of the classroom, so during recess, at home, and with their friends. 


My audience is someone who loved their “play” years, like me, or generally someone who is interested in play and games of children in this area. 

Other information I need to include:  

Besides the games that the kids play, I also need to share the way that parents feel about play and games in their child, and how much of an impact they have. I also need to add how chores, working and money limits or changes the amount of play time and games that the children play. 

How do I use media in my project: 

I want to create some kind of layout/sketch of a childrens center, equipped with games about as big as Yang Zhou Ran. I will:

-I am going create the layout using iMovie or Powerpoint. I could show a room in Yang Zhou Ran, and then do a voice over/explanation of what would be in each room and why I chose this. I could also add the pictures that I took to show my audience exactly what I am talking about. I think that this is the best choice because it would show the most detail to the audience so they understand what I mean and why I chose it. 


Ihr seid also in der letzten

Ihr seid also in der letzten und schwierigsten Phase eures Projekts angekommen. Ich kann mir zwar noch nicht ganz genau vorstellen, was du vor hast, aber ich bin sehr gespannt. Was ist nochmal Yang Zhou Ran?
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HI! My name is Nike, and I am 14 years old. I was born in Germany and lived there for 7 years, then Michigan and I have lived in Shanghai since August of 2012. I love eating, dancing, and running. I am now a Microcampus Alumni and was in Xizhou in March of 2013. I deeply miss Xizhou, and wish the best of luck to all future groups! If you have any questions regarding Xizhou, Service Learning, Inquiry, or anything else, let me know! I would be happy to help :)