Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

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My main point (thesis) that I hope to share with my audience:

My main point is to share the diversity of plants in XiZhou and the CangShan Mountains. I want to describe how altitude can be an indicator of an environment change. I am going to describe the environment and describe the diversity of plants there. I also want to show the diversity and difference in plants with the samples I collected. 

My audience is:

My audience for my project will be people who like to look at the diversity of plants. These people might be people who have a special interest in plants, or people who study plants. I think my audience should be people who study or have an interest in plants beause these people might be restricted to their own home area, especially for plant enthusiasts. Not many people get the of coming here to XiZhou and going up in the Cang Shan Mountains. Partly because XiZhou is quite a remote location, partly because it takes a very long time to hike up the Cang Shan Mountains. 

Other information besides my main point needs to be shared: 

Some other information apart from my main point is information that I want to share with people are some bits of information I gain from my interviews. This will be included when I describe the plants in order to describe their diversity. Some of this information might be the value of these plants, or wether the plants are invasive or not.

How I will use media to present my informaiton:

I will present my information in a Pages book where inside, all my research can be found.

Here is some quick info about myself. First of all, my name is Mark, although at this point you probably know. I attend 8th grade at the Shanghai American School. I'm very passionate about science, although I enjoy others as well. My greatest interests are: aerospace, aviation, go-karting, cars, space, Boeing, and NASA. Some of my hobbies are: Flying my flight simulator, Biking, Go-Karting, and model building. I am here at the Microcampus mainly because I want to experience something different, something outside the confines of my home and community in Shanghai. I am studying plants because I am quite interested in biology, although it's not one of my top interests, it's still something I like to study.