Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

Updated 5 years 7 months ago

My final project will be an analogy between my prediction and reality and a story on my journey in finding the information.

The audience for my project can be anyone who is interested about politics and maybe governnance too. My project is mainly about comparison between my prediction and the actual information. Anyone interested in a read like that will be interested in my final product. Also anybody who is interested in a fascinated journey of my research.

Besides my main research and information from interviews, some other information that needs to be included in my final product will be my proccess of collecting the information.

Because my project did not turn out tobe what I expected, I was not planned in a quick change in focus in governance. I did not have time to think of a final product and even if I did, the information I collected will not be enough to express my ideas in a unique way. Instead, I am going to design a brochure about what a mayor needs to become a mayor to see what I have learned. Then I am going to make a journal of my journey throughout my time in Xizhou in researching about village governance.

I am from Chicago. I have two other siblings. I was new to SAS and China. I have lived in Chicago all my life. I play piano, tennis and enjoy basketball. I also love traveling but I have never been away from my home alone for more than one month. Xizhou was a very beautiful rural town and I got to appreciate the weather, air and scenery during my stay there. I haven't been to a lot of places on the west side of China so the trip was valuable to me. I learned as much as possible here and took a lot back with me to Shanghai.