Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

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As I move along in my Inquiry work, it has come to the time where I must clearly represent everything I have learned in the past few days. Because most of my information is centered around Er' Kuai and Er' si, I will need to focus on these two areas of my topic. My "thesis," as in the analysis of the compilation of all of my information that I have gathered in the past three weeks, is that making something as simple as a brick of Er' Kuai 饵块 or a bag of Er' si 饵丝 is a long process from the workshop to the dining table. I plan on showing my thesis by actually making a brick of Er'Kuai or a bag of er' si myself at one of the workshops, and take it back to YZR and prepare a meal out of what I have made. 

My audience for my final product will probably be the whole community at YZR, though if they get sick from the food I make (which they hopefully will not) it will not be my fault...The whole community will probably be an audience because this is a quite simple final product which only requires the audience to sit down and eat it, so it will not take up too much of their time, especially if it is during a meal since they will have to eat anyways. 

Some information, in addition to my main point, I will need to share with my audience is probably how long it took to make the bag of Er' si or the brick of Er' Kuai. I should also share with the audience what materials were used in the making of the final product and how it was cooked. 

Besides just cooking the product of my work, I will also need to have a media component to go with this topic. I think that using a photo essay would be best or making a video of me cooking/making the Er' si with a time lapse and time counter on it so people will not only get the generalized sense of how long it actually takes to make it, but also they will have a visual guide on HOW to make it as well and the process the rice went through to become what it is on their plate/dinner table. 



Rice Type & 3Ps

Hi Mir, just watched your video. Since unable to post questions on your "Final Product" section, I list them here:

1. is the rice flower the regular rice (普通米)or sticky rice (糯米)?

2. Is the rice dough made of boiling water?  If the dough gets cold, what could happen? Can it be reheated and reshaped?

Good work/video, nice to see your face... By the way, I assume you will bring a few pieces of ErKuai home, right?

I'm also glad that you realize the importance of the process besides a product. You touched the 3P principle at wokplace: People, Process, & Product. Did you realize you have experienced them all in your journey? Insightful reflection! __Mom.

Hi, I'm Miranda, and I am 13 years old. Currently, I am in the Microcampus site, here in Xizhou, and it looks absolutely A-MAZING! The sky is blue, the grass is green, and there's clean, fresh air. What more could one want? Here in Xizhou, I am studying food. Food and Yunnan cuisine is a huge topic, so right now I think I'm going to focus more on tea and noodles (yay, noodles).