Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

Updated 7 years 10 months ago

As I approach the Final Phase of my Inquiry Project, it is important for me to consider HOW exactly to report my findings. I think my main point that I hope to share is that it is important to spread knowledge to locals about better ways to clean or treat their water so as to promote a more sustainable and long-term solution. I will do this by creating a keynote on "if I was to help a village improve and ensure water quality, what would I do."

My intended audience should mostly include people who either share my interest and/or passion in water quality or locals who live in the area that do not fully understand the effects of water they are drinking.

In order to have a thorough understanding of the significance of clean drinking water and how to achieve it, one must understand the village's current water situation, how the water has already or could affect locals in the future, and what other methods could be considered.

I believe in the significance of correct use of media to express my message. I think I shall be creating a keynote, and include voice recording snippets from various sources I have learned from. 


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