Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

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As I move to the final phase in this process I now must find an overall statement that will direct my final project. This statement is; How the movie The Five Golden Flowers effected the symbolism, clothing and style of Bai minority dance. Over the course of this month, I have come to study how the movie The Five Golden Flowers has effected Bai minority dance over time. This movie contains many traditional dances of the Bai minority which are still very popular still in China. After the showing of this movie, the clothing, style, and symbolism behind the dances have slowly faded as tourism increased in hope to see the extravagant dances the Bai minority performed.

While progressing in this project I hope that readers will become interested in my project to find out more about the interesting cultural dances that are performed within the Bai Minority and the interesting effect a movie had on the dances and customs. My hope is that future microcampus students, teachers, linden centre guests and people studying this topic will use my information for their own learning and be inspried to persue an investigation of this topic. 

Before the movie The Five Golden Flowers was released, Bai dance was very graceful and calm. The dances reflected daily work in swift, fluid motions. The men and women wore all white with small details of color. They wore white after the legend of Bai jie. This women became a god and role model to the Bai minority. They wear white after here in order to show purity and loyalty. After this movie was released tourists (generally Han Chinese) became very interested in Bai Minority singing and dancing. In the movie the clothing was different then how it actually was, it was brighter, more colorful and more detailed then the traditional clothing. The dances were also quickened, and made more exciting. The Chinese tourists flew across the country to come see the extravagant, bright and colorful dances the movie presented them to be like. This movie made a large impact on the economical structure of these Bai villages. In order to please tourists, and live up to what the movie showed the dances and clothing to be like, the Bai people made their clothing brighter and more similar to the movie. They also added new dance moves that made the dances more exciting and up beat. This movie made a large impact on the Bai dance, and I have attentively studied how this has effected the symbolism, style and clothing. 

It has been said a picture is worth a thousand words. My hope for this project is to not only talk about cultural dance, but show and present the true traditional cultural dance that I have come to grow fascinated with. My goal is to demonstrate my knowledge of Bai Minority dance by using a prezi. This way I can include photo's, videos, and information in a unique and organized arrangement. 


My name is Grace, I am 14 years old and attend Shanghai American School Pudong. I was fortunate to be a part of the first SAS Pudong Microcampus. I have had some much and I have learned so much while being here. I am going to miss XiZhou and the hanging out with the other students so much! I know this will be an experience I will remember forever. ♥