Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

Updated 7 years 10 months ago

As I near the Final Product of my research in the area of Bai funerals, I need to know what I want to present and share. I think the main point I want to share is the rituals and steps to a proper Bai funeral. Of the many steps, I want to share the most commonly used traditions and rituals. What rituals are done, why they are done, and what is to come are examples of information that I have gathered and want to share.

I hope that anyone brave enough to read about funerals can see this information and maybe take some useful knowledge away from it. Future Microcampus students, tourists who happen to find themselves in the middle of a procession, foreigners who have never been to Yunnan are all possible audiences who would be interested. The Bai Minority is a minority which has it's own cultures and traditions. 

Apart from the three main points I want people to see and learn, there are other, smaller points I would people to know. Who is invited, what to wear, special colors, what time are examples of these smaller but not in the least less important points. Tourists and others interested can learn what is allowed and not allowed when attending a funeral. 

To express my message, I can use many different types of media: a video, photo gallery, research paper and many more. But I have chosen an interactive slideshow, somewhere anyone can explore the choices and many options and that accompany the complicated Bai funerals. Viewers can happen upon interesting facts when not expecting them, much like I did.

We're at Xizhou! Let's get to the point, about me... well, I'm 14, I was born in Boston, lived in Connecticut, moved to Hong Kong at the end of third grade, and I came to Shanghai at the end of 5th grade. This is my first year in SAS. I like photography, chemistry, and I've just started archery (tiring after a couple days in a row, but fun). I joined the group a little late. Not much else to say, I'll add stuff when I think of it.