Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

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My main point I want to share to the world is the Xizhou water treatment process and what happens before, during and after the treatment. From all the information I gathered here in these past 2 weeks, many people have been dumping wastewater into sewers. I have learned that sewage water will actually NOT end up at the treatment center and also the buildings past the center, their water is not getting treated. All the untreated water gets dumped into Lake Erhai and pollutes the lake. 

My main audience would be water treatment workers, if possible, the local people here and my classmates back in Shanghai.

a) I would like to spread the word to some water treatment workers because if a water treatment plant is not built where it can't collect all the water in the town and treat it, there is a problem. The other thing is because I think they should build a sewage underground treatment because if all the sewage water ends up in Lake Erhai, the government would spend loads of money for no use at all.

b) The local people here would be a good audience for me to share since they have no idea how dirty some of the water they drink is. If only some environmental people came along and actually directly told them that there are health risks drinking dirty and unsanitized water.

c) My classmates that are back in Shanghai will be somewhat interested in this because they assume that all the water they drink is healthy. Yes, that is true because it has been through the treatment process. If not, what will we be drinking? I think it would be best for my friends and peers to know about this treatment process so they don't take the water they drink for granted. If not for the treatment process, mostly everyone will get sick.

Some other information I plant to share with others is the health benefits of the water treatment process. When the well water test had a result both Natalie and I were shocked. The well water here does not go through the treatment process so there are many health risks to the people here in Xizhou. If there is an underground water treatment process, people here wouldn't have high percents of health problems. Not only that but I wish to tell others to start conserving water and there would be a huge problem if water is not reused and when water is starting to disappear.

The media I chose to share my ideas and my final product is Prezi. I chose Prezi because it's communicates my topic pretty well since you can go around and look at different things. Also It's kind of like a slideshow on a really big piece of paper so it flows well. 


Hi! I'm Erin and I have been apart of the Microcampus experience and I am thankful for the chance I got. The experience changed the way I look at my life and I have no single regret about this trip. I thank everyone who made this Microcampus trip a memorable and fantastic experience to be apart of. Thank you guys, I love you all :)