Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

Updated 6 years 8 months ago

The main point that I want to share with my audience is that technology doesn't always affect different school environments positively. In order to have a thorough understanding of how technology affects different schools environments, one must investigate the different communities and surroundings, different needs and the different uses. At Shanghai American School, we use technology a lot more for help in research, and for efficiency. Here at Xizhou, neither is needed, and the community around is supportive of that. We also use the technology to make multimedia presentations, which aren't used in Xizhou either. Do not get me wrong, technology is availabe in Xizhou, they have projecters, and speakers and computers! However, there is no need for technology. The community around is not the right environment for technology in school, and there are enough textbooks, so there is no use of the computers. It all points to one thing. Technology does simply not affect all school environments positively. 

My audience for this project is the percentage of the global population that uses the Internet. Anyone is welcome to look at the project. However, I think the main audience would be people who look at technology and how it affects education. Any schools that would want to look at the project too see how technology affects the education system in Xizhou would we welcome to as well. In general, all users of the Internet are welcome to see the results. Especially people that would want to open schools in rural China could be interested in this information, as Xizhou is a rural town in China, which I wouldn't say is completely rural, but not urban either.  

Other information that is important, besides my thesis is why I wanted to research this topic, what information I had to find out while researching and all the steps I needed to take to successfully complete the project. I think these are all important, because if I was looking at this project, I would want to know how the person found out the information, not just what the final result is. I think it's equally important, if not more. 

I think the media that I will use to present my final result will be a Prezi, because I think it will make my presentation more interesting, will make it easy to understand and it's also easy to use. I think it will be a good base to put all my information on. I can use a Prezi to put sentences, paragraphs, definitions and explanations of my project, as well as putting on pictures and other multimedia, such as music. I could also make an iMovie, which would be interesting as well, but it's rather hard to put wordy information on an iMovie, so I think I will stick with the Prezi. 

Hey Everyone! I'm Aakshi, and I was born in India :) Unfortunately, Xizhou is now just a memory, but an amazing one at that. I miss the blue skies, the conversations of the birds, the slow pace of life and the people! Microcampus will be something I will never forget. Cookie Monsters in Xizhou '13 was definitely a success, and I wish we had the chance to go again! I hope the next groups that go have as much fun as we did :)