Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

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As I move forwards to the final phase of my project, I have to clearly outline the main point that I wish to share with my audience. This main point is that the schooling system in the area of Xizhou has experienced many significant changes over the past 63 years. The main changes I wish to cover are 1) the physical changes with the school, 2) how the Cultural Revolution affected this system, and 3) the lives of the Xizhou locals have been influenced in different ways over the generations depending on how they were learning. I have spent one month of my school year emerged in the small rural community of Xizhou learning about these changes. 

The people whom I most wish to have knowledge of this information are: future Microcampus students, people who live outside China and want to understand how people are learning things here, my family, friends, teachers, and all other people who might want to learn about how the local education system of Xizhou Village has been changed over the course of the years. People here have many messages that show how they were changed based on how they were learning, and others have messages about how they were changed by the lack of learning. Many people here have went through the local schooling system, and through their knowledge, I can share their messages with the rest of the world. 

Some other important information that I wish to share with these people is the individual characteristics of these changes (through subjects, class sizes, duration of schooling, etc.) and the stories that my interviewees have about how the schooling system they went through affected their lives. I believe that with these resources, I can share with people how the local education system has changed. I believe that if people understand about how these people are affected by how they learn while younger, they can model their futures by changing how they learn while at school. 

To communicate all of these messages, I hope to create an iMovie that represents how students learned throughout the years. I hope to create an accurate representation about how people learned, say, 50-60 years ago, how people learned in this present day, and 2-3 possible futures for the local education system based on the trend I have seen through the past to now. I will represent the classes learned, the learning conditions, and how this has been altered over the course of the past 50 years through 50 years from now. For this, I need several actors/actresses, and a space that I can use to represent this trend. I will probably also include quotes scattered throughout this video that represent how people feel as though their lives were altered based on how they learned. I have a strong belief that I will be able to accurately convey the messages of the Xizhou locals, and those that I have through my final product. 




Hi. My name is Aidan and I am currently 14 years old. I was born in Toronto, Canada, but lived in Singapore, New Jersey, and Shanghai. While I was in Xizhou, I researched how the local education system has changed over the course of the last 63 years. Since the community had a really helpful air, I felt that Xizhou and it's people had a lot to offer for my project. I am now back home in Shanghai, and an alumni of Microcampus. This experience has taught me a lot. Click on any of the links below to see what I did in Yunnan.