Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

Updated 6 years 7 months ago

The main point I hope to share with my audience is what kinds of aspects are involved in a small business. What you need to do in order to run one, the economics, the story behind the business, the business itself and it's economics. I want show what is behind the curtains, behind the scenes of a small business. Not just the fact that they take your money and put it in a money box but what happens with that money, where does it go? I want them to fully understand what is needed in order to run a successful small business.

Many people worldwide might see this, since it is public however, my main audience will probably be future Microcampus students who are looking into the same topic as me and also other individuals around the world who are interested in small businesses and what it is like to operate one. Teachers, Microcampus alumni, family members, and other close acquaintances will want to see what I have learned and my journey of this process.

In order to fully understand all there is to know about a small businesses, one must consider it's story, the business itself, the process of producing it's product and the economics involved. One must understand it's background, the story, where it comes from and the secrets behind. Another aspect is the routine of the business, a bit like a daily routine that they do in the business or the basics. The third is one of the most important, how they produce the product. The product is the money maker and without the product, there would be no business. The final and last are the economics and the numbers. The profits, supplies and costs, revenue, start-up cost, etc. because they are not just numbers but they mean something to the business.

I am not exactly sure yet how I want to present my findings. There are so many different possibilities especially with media today, there are an infinite amount of ways one could share their information with the world. I want my presentation though to be a bit more sophisticated but not too boring that I would put my audience to sleep. Economics may be a tricky thing when it comes to an audience as to some, profits and revenues may be interesting to learn about but to others, they tune out very easily. I do not think I want to do a video or at least, it is not what I am thinking about. The product I hope to produce I think will be in a form of a presentation as it is easier to show graphs and statistics then. Either Keynote, Powerpoint or Prezi but I am leaning more towards either Keynote as I have more experience with the application. I expect my presentation to have many pictures as my topic can be boring to some, and a video or two about how the deep-fried potato is made. I am not quite sure yet how I may present the economics part of my topic but I am contemplating different ways I could.


My name is Gayatri and I am currently 13 years old. I was born in Dubai and since then I have lived in Abu Dhabi, Jakarta and now Shanghai. Xizhou was an amazing experience and it will almost be a memory near my heart. I miss the blue skies and fresh air very dearly and hope to come back soon. I miss Xizhou so much and I hope future groups will enjoy Xizhou just as much as we did.