Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

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     Over the course of this month I have been studying Bai Minority Dance, and as I move forward in this process I must create an overall statement the supports my information and my final project. In order to understand Bai Minority Dancing in Xizhou, one must realize how the movie, “The Five Golden Flowers," affected the Bai's clothing and movements from tourism and the Bai people. The movie was shown to people around China to show how different and amazing the Bai people were, however as Dali became a tourists spot the Bai's had to changed their dancing to suit the people. Also, dancing before the movie was not popular, but one the movie was released people began dancing again and creating their own dances. I hope to focus directly on these points, to help my audience gain a full understanding on my inquiry project. My topic is interesting because it explains how Bai Minority music has changed over the years.

   Since my project will be available for everyone to see I must consider how I plan to share it. I will be showing my final project to my family, classmates, past microcampus students, future students of microcampus, and others interested in my topic. My goal is for readers to become intrigued by my topic, and wanting to know more. I believe my work will give my readers a full understanding of how "The Five Golden Flower" affected the Bai's.

   Bai dancing was created during the hard hours of labor. For example, while building a house the workers would sing and dance to their work. This activity was altered over time, and then turned into dancing movements. Also, before the movie was shown to all of China, dancing was very long and graceful. The dances resembled daily work in calm movements. The performers would generally wear white costumes with accents of soft colors. The clothing was meant to show purity to the audience's. However, in the movie most aspects of dancing where completely different, even though it was to show what the Bai people were like. In the movie dancing was very fast and more exciting, and clothing was much brighter and colorful. Since the movie brought over many tourists who expected Dali to be as it was in the movie, the Bai people had to change their dancing. This was because tourists would not want to come back after they say that Bai people were not as they were in the movie, therefore reducing the amount of people who came to Dali. In order for the Bai's to please their tourists they made their clothing colorful, and changed their dance moves to ones shown in the movie. This change had a huge impact on dancing for the Bai's, and I have been learning all about this change.

  I plan to share my information using a keynote and iMovie. I believe I will be able to show the most knowledge possible with these because it is easy to apply pictures, information and videos to these resources. Over the years I have come to love using iMovie, so I know I will enjoy creating my final project while also making it interesting for my audience.


Hello, my name is Rory and I love participating in Microcampus. I was excited for Microcampus because I love to learn through real-life experiences, an now I know it is more than I expected. Since next year with be my last year in Shanghai, I would like to end it by taking away more Chinese culture. Ever since I have moved to China, I have always been interested and in-awe of unique culture of the Chinese. Also, I love learning and experiencing new things. Microcampus has been an amazing adventure and experience so far, and I can't wait for what will come next.