Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

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My hanger for my project is Memories of the Flying Tigers. I originally it was a question. If I could make a picture out of all the memories of all the people in XiZhou what would it look like? I thought on that for awhile and deiced its that it might serve best as a hook. I decided, why not make the main idea memories of the Flying Tigers. and my 3 thesis items be:

- Breif but strong history of the Flying Tigers.

- Physical artifacts that concern the Flying Tigers.

-  Memories from Elders and facts from others.

I looked at Nike H. final project and I really liked it. I think I like the idea of doing a video for my final project. I also looked at Grace C.'s project and that was also good. 

I think my Inquiry Project will be for people who are interested in the past and US involement in WWII. I also think future Microcampus(ers) will be interested in it because it is a new topic that has never been done before. Maybe even random people who are just looking at the Flying Tigers. 

I think my main idea or thesis statement that I am going to share with my readers is the Memories from the elders of XiZhou of the Flying Tigers, and This will include good memories, connections, and the one image that can symbolize all of the memories. 

I am thinking about doing a video for my final project. I am aiming for a old film effect so it makes it feel like that you are there with the Flying Tigers. So I think maybe make it black and white. I do not think I will make a story out of it though.

Hanger: Memories


History of the Flying Tigers:

The Flying Tigers where first composed in the summer of 1941 the main camp was in the jungles of Burma. They took to the skies protecting Southern China from the attacks of the Japanese. That is the moment where they flew in to history.

They set up smalle radio station around Yunnan region to help with mapping, and directions, and for supplies drop stations. One of these was set up here in XiZhou.

They where led by a man called Claire Chennault. He worked very hard to turn 300 rowdy bunch of men and women in to a great flying force. (maybe more infor if I see fit)

Artifacts concering the Flying Tigers:

The old Flying Tiger "guide" book. 

The Radio Station

The new Flying Tiger book (Chinese)

Memories from Elders and facts from others:

I have lots

Mr. Dong

Mrs. Zao

Mr. Yang

Mr. Yang

Xiao Tang 


Check up on my final project in a few days to see what I have spent my time in XiZhou trying to build.


Hi 你好 my name is Jacob. I was born in Taipei Taiwan. I am a American and Canadian citizen. I lived in Taiwan for 11 and a half years. I then moved to the US for 2 and now I live in Shanghai. So I am a 3rd culture kid! I love airports and traveling around the world. Never have had a Twinkie. I had a great experience at XiZhou the best part for me most likely was the silence, and of course the food.