Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

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In Phase O I chose my inquiry project to research in Xizhou, which was Tie-dye. In Phase 1, I did some background research and created 10 big questions that helped guide me through my inquiry process. Then in Phase 2, I found helpful resources that helped me further my knowledge of this local art. In my previous phase, Phase 3 I gathered information from Alumni, teachers, and local contacts.This is Phase 4 where I will be organizing my thoughts and making and planning an outline for my final product.

For my final product, I will be sharing a personal journey story about what I learned during these 28 days. As personal growth is one of the four major goals of this trip I will be talking about my own personal growth. My audience for my final product would possibly be Mr. T, Ms. Mai, friends, interested microcampus students from Shanghai, as well as my family members. My main focus for my project is to talk and reflect on these wonderful 28 days of learning. Also to encourage and teach other future students to not limit their takeaways from their trip but to see and reflect at every end of the trip on how they have grown.

My main thesis for my final product is: As I reflect on my Microcampus experience I realized that I have learned about tie-dye, China, and myself. 

For my audience to fully understand my final product I will be creating a 6-minute long video on iMovie. In this video, I will be explaining my views of tie-dye, China, and myself before and after Microcampus. In this video, I will include photos, videos, and texts explaining about my observations. I will make sure that my photos and videos are not too distracting and I will also add clear and concise information.  

Below is the outline of my final product: 

I. Introduction

A. An overview and introduction of Microcampus
B. The process of selecting my final topic and a description of what my final topic is
C. My thesis statement and my main point for my final product is: As I reflect on my Microcampus experience I realized that I have learned about tie-dye, China, and myself. 

II. About Tie-Dye 

A. Tie-Dye is a piece of art
B. A tie-dye artist is a traditional Bai role 
C. Preferences
D. The process of making a natural and traditional piece
E. All tie-dye pieces are different and have a story and a meaning  behind them

III. About China

A. How China looks in the countryside (nature) 
B. Places and connections that I have made that reminded me of home 
C. China's history 
D. What I thought of China before and After Microcampus 

IV. About Myself

A. How I have grown throughout this process
B.What I thought I was good at before and after Microcampus
C. What I thought I was bad at before and after Microcampus 
D. What I will want to carry with me after this trip 

V. Conclusion 

A. Revisit my thesis
B.Reflecting upon my Microcampus experience 
C. Final Comments and Acknowledgements 

Now that I have finished my outline of my final product, I will be moving onto my Final Phase. In my final product, I will be sharing my experience and my observations here in Microcampus as well.

Hi there! My name is Ana M. and I am a proud representative of the Ultimate Microcampus group! I was born in the United States, but since I was 4 I have been living in different places like Brazil and China. I am now back in Shanghai and I am getting used to my old schedule. Being a part of the November-December 2017 trip was the best decision I have ever made. I will remember the great and the not-so-great parts of the trip. I have been able to learn many life lessons and I hope to carry these forever. I am missing the fresh air, the delicious food, and being able to see the brightest stars at night!