Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

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The current status of my inquiry project consists of a Phase 0, Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3. In Phase 0, I selected my final topic based on the multiple, interesting options that I was given. In Phase 1, I created a list of 10 "BIG questions" that would help fuel my research in the future. Then in Phase 2, I explained how to find reliable sources and acquired a lot of information through my 3-to-5 interviews. Next in Phase 3, I conducted online research and made many local contacts in order to gather the information needed for my final product. In this phase, I will create an outline that I will use to plan and complete my Final Product.

In order to grasp a complete understanding of what the final product will look like, I looked at a few noteworthy final products from the Microcampus alumni.  The first project that I took a looked at was made by Ryley S., who focused on the topic of bamboo weaving. In general, I felt like her project was very detailed,  descriptive, and overall enjoyable. She had made sure to speak in a clear/audible voice, and I found it very helpful that she included a list of keywords throughout the time she was talking. She used photos that emphasized her voiceover, and her project was educational while inspiring.The next project that I looked at belonged to Shanan S., who had selected a topic that was all about religion within the Bai Minority. I was able to learn a lot from her topic and found that the visuals she had included were all extremely relative and clear. Other than that, I really liked the use of keywords and detailed explanations that she had made sure to include, for it really helped me understand every single element of her presentation. Finally, I decided to look at one last project and came across something inspiring produced by Nickie N. She had described her learning process as a personal journey, done to reflect the lessons that she had learned along the hike to the Jade Belt. I really enjoyed learning about her personal side of the story, and watching how she interpreted the messages and components that were mentioned throughout the video. In general, I felt that these three examples show great understanding and unique interpretation of their overall topic. 
Before I begin the outline for my final product, I must first determine some things about my product. First of all, my final product will be summarizing the journey I have taken and process needed in order to discover my Final Product. Over the course of this amazing opportunity, I plan to talk about the process of making bamboo baskets, my initial research process, and the contacts I have made along the way. My project is intended to appeal towards an audience of any age who are interested in art media, exploring new places, cultures, history, and languages. My overall topic is led by this statement;  As I reflect on my learning journey throughout this trip, I will consider the initial research process, the first week of exploration, and my interactions with the many local families.  In order to portray my experience to my audience, I feel as though the most effective way will be to share a presentation consisting of a variety of videos and photos of me working with the Wang family, along with some voice overs in certain parts to express how I felt throughout the experience. During my video, there are a few key points that I would like to make very evident. One of the key points I would like to cover is how I came to the village to study the textile production of the Bai Minority, to then shift my focus towards an entirely different direction. I would also like to explain how my understanding of Microcampus changed from thinking that my Final Project was going to be a step-by-step basket tutorial, to a project that will take the viewers through my personal learning journey. Lastly, I would like to express how I was able to form a strong connection with the Wang family, even though we had a harder time communicating than expected.
Now that I know the specifics of my Final Product, I can begin to construct an outline as a plan for my Phase 5 work:
I. Introduction 
             A. Background information
                       i. brief background information on the Microcampus program
                       ii. why did I want to go?
                       iii. what have I experienced?
             B. My Final Topic Decision and Description: Traditional Basket Weaving
                       i. my original topic: bai minority textile production
                       ii. my topic change and the reasoning (why did it change)
             C. My thesis statement: As I reflect on my learning journey throughout this trip, I will consider the initial research process, the first week of exploration, and my interactions with the many local families. 
II. Hook 1: The Initial Research Process
             A. Choosing/Changing my topic and why
                    i. how I felt about my first project
                    ii. how I feel about my current project
                    iii. why did I want to change it (recap)
             B. Conducting my Background (Phase 3)
                    i. my online research
                    ii. my 3 to 5 interviews
                    ii. my local contact connections
III. Hook 2: The First Week of Exploration
           A. Exploring the Village
                   i. exploration through teacher support
                   ii. exploration through asking questions
                   iii. awareness of impact in the village 
           B. First Impressions (their perspectives and mine)
                     i. meeting my contacts for the first time
                     ii. getting out of my comfort zone
                     iii. what I have learned about meeting new people
           C. My Thoughts and Feelings
                     i. how has this affected me?
                     ii. how has this changed me?
IV. Hook 3: My Interactions with the Local (bamboo-weaving) Familes
            A. Meeting with the Wang Family
                    i. the interviewing process
                    ii. how the connection has changed 
                    iii. what I had learned from them
             B. Meeting with the Li Family
                     i. the interviewing process
                    ii. how the connection has changed
                    iii. what I had learned from them
             C. My Final Product(s)
                    i. my end and final result
                    ii. why did I make a basket?
V. Conclusion
             A. Restate my Thesis and Expand on it
                    i. what have I learned from this process?
                    ii. what would I do differently?
             B. Challenges along the Way
                   i. what we those challanges
                   ii. how did I overcome them
             C. Showing Gratitude (a quick thanks...)
                    i. thank the Wang family
                    ii. thank the Li family
                    iii. thank the village
                    iv. thank the teachres/support
Now that I have created a general plan, I am able to begin the process of creating/finalizing my Final Product. In Phase 5, I will make sure to introduce my topic, share all of my learning through an informational video, and to reflect on my past experiences. To find my introduction, video presentation, and reflection, please click here
Hi Everyone! My name is Holly and I am so grateful to say that I am part of the "Ultimate" Microcampus Group. I am learning so much and am so lucky to experience life outside the Shanghai bubble. Not only am I focusing on a topic that I greatly enjoy, but I am able to make connections with the many locals I will soon get to know. This trip I am part of is an unforgettable experience and will "ultimately" be an amazing trip. See you guys in a month!