Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

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First In Phase 0, I had to pick a topic from an extensive amount of choices, this list held all of the choices that I could be researching in Xizhou. I picked Local food and cuisine, I was hesitant at first because of my lack of language skills. In Phase 1 I went into doing background research on my topic, in this phase we also had to think of 10 big questions that we wanted to work on. Then in Phase 2, I did some gathering to find helpful resources. I emailed one of the authors of my sources and talked to teachers and helpers in Xizhou too. When Phase 3 came along I had to input all of the information that I gathered in this phase. 

I looked at some people that have been in Microcampus in the past to produce ideas for my own final product. I looked at three Microcampus alumni, these students were Nickie N., Ethan W., and Maggie H. I watched all their videos to get ideas as I previously mentioned, I was noticing what went well with the videos and what I should avoid. I thought that in Nickie's that it was nice that her words that she put on her screen were in synch with what she was saying. Maggie had music in the back of her video and good pictures that went well with what she was saying and her topic. I now have a good understanding of what I am going to do for my final product and will start planing it as soon as I can. When I am planning I will be sure to keep these products in mind to ensure that it is the best I can make it.

My final product is talking about my personal journey and what I learned about myself throughout my Microcampus. I will need to be aware of the people watching these could include my family, friends, and even future Microcampus students. I want my audience to take away that more than what I learned, I want them to feel inspired, have many different takeaways from this once in a lifetime experience, and to persuade others to have an interest in Microcampus. 

I have been thinking about what I want to do in my final product and over the past few days came up with my thesis statement: In my message to "Four years from now Michael" I want to make sure to share tips for success that include how to adjust to new places, keep up with work, and contribute to a new team. 

When I am making my video I will need to remember that high-quality pictures and words on the screen are useful and keep them engaged in what I have learned. 

I will now be sharing with you my plan for my final product.

I. Introduction

A. In southwest China for 28 days. 
B. Me and eight other students went to Xizhou to explore a topic of my choice
C. I have learned many valuable things throughout my journey.
D. My thesis: In my message to "Four years from now Michael" I want to make sure to share tips for success that include how to adjust to new places, keep up with work, and contribute to a new team. 

II. Adjusting to new places 

A. New experiences bring out new personalities 
B. How to appreciate and acknowledge new cultures
C. Living outside of your comfort zone is valuable

III. Keeping up with my work

A. Having a plan to keep up with work
B. When doing important work monotask so you don't get off topic

IV. Contributing to a new team

A. Always doing your part 
B. Do the right thing and be a leader 

V. Conclusion 

A. Enphesize the meaning of these three points

This is the last of my final phase, I will be moving on to my final product and service learning. I can not believe that I am done with all of my phase work and please click on the links to see the outcome of my last two products. 


Final Project

Great job! I loved this section of your project. Extremely thoughtful and well thought out. I cannot wait to see your video!

Keep up the good work buddy,


I had been lucky enough to be able to join the Ultimate group with eight others to go down to the village of Xizhou. I had been able to grow through this experience and learn about my inquiry project and even about myself. I have made bonds and friends with the students on my trip and also the community of Xizhou.