Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

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This is Phase 4, where I will begin to develop a possible outline for my upcoming inquiry project. Before this, I had already completed a long and complicated process to arrive at this point. First, I had completed Phase 0, where I considered on many topics and eventually came to a final decision. Then, in Phase 1, I had further narrowed down on what I really wanted to focus on by coming up with 10 big questions. After that, I had moved to Phase 2 where I decided on the resources I would use. In Phase 3, arriving at Xizhou, I gathered my information from the local contacts through long and meaningful conversations. Thus, now with Phase 4, I will be planing for my Final Product

To understand what my inquiry project could be like, I first looked over a few projects of previous Microcampus students. The first project I had viewed was Raine-Monet W.'s project, she had compared the healthcare choices different people would make depending on their condition. The most effective part of the project was the occasional short text that would appear on the screen guiding the audience and making sure they don't get lost. Video footage also seemed to be a bit more entertaining than just photos during the inquiry project. The second project I had reviewed was Shirley T.'s video, she showed how incorporating some of her experiences helps with the interest rate of the video. Finally, from Jeffrey Z.'s video, a tiny bit of humor will always improve the quality of the information by making it more clear on what the author is trying to convey. I believe overall, the main takeaway's were too always have the little details that make the project a whole lot better. 

I chose to create a perspective video comparing different groups, depending on how deeply they are rooted in medicine, of people's views. I will compare and contrast the views of consumers, seller/distributors, and professionals about their thoughts on Western and Traditional Chinese medicine. The information I hope to convey will be for people who are split between the two types of medicine or have medicine as a big part of their lives. I wish they would understand the benefits and disadvantages of each sides and what different types of people view about it, thus coming to their own consensus. I will be basing my project around one thesis: To understand the staying power of Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, one might consider the viewpoints of a local citizen, a medicine seller, and a doctor. The most important part that I will utilize is a spectrum throughout my final product to "position/place" the different groups of people on to different parts of the spectrum with one side being Traditional Chinese medicine and the other Western medicine. Of course, I will also be using pictures, videos, text, and voice-overs to help my audience understand both types of medicine. The most important information I will be sure to include is exactly what each group think are the benefits/disadvantages of the medicine and what they weigh more about the impacts.


I. Introduction

a. What is Microcampus about?
b. Steps leading up to this process
c. What I hope to accomplish
d. Thesis: To understand the staying power of Traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, one might consider the viewpoints of a local citizen, a medicine seller, and a doctor.

II. Consumer's Views

a. Their medical/healthcare influences
b. The main pill form of intake
c. The efficiency and consumption 
d. TCM is too slow for them 
e. Their awareness of both types of medicine

III. Distributor's Views

a. Amount of knowledge and how they learned it 
b. TCM store's thoughts about both medicines
c. Pharmacy's thoughts about both medicines
d. How they choose what medicines for consumers

IV. Professional's Views

a. Their knowledge of both sides
b. TCM being able to solve the root problem
c. WM being able to stop the problem
d. The uses of both medicines
e. Their belief on the future of medicine

V. Conclusion (Future of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

a. The future popularity of type of medicine
b. Restatement of thesis
c. What I learned 
d. How might one use this knowledge
e. What the experience meant to me
f. Acknowledgments

Phase 4 is going to be the last step before my final project is created and presented. With an outline and a clear idea of what I will accomplish, I am confident to continue my journey for my Final Project


After Microcampus, my life has been greatly affected by the new and different experiences that were offered during Microcampus. From being able to work efficiently and effectively to having meaningful conversations with (at first) strangers around me. I know understand the difference between "giving" and "trading" and the awareness of impact. How that perhaps people in need aren't necessarily always wanting gifts, but instead a trade, a bond, an understanding between two drastically different people. I also realized how much could be gained from just viewing the world around us and not just our smartphones and computers. For once, I noticed how the buildings were set up in a certain way or how some certain art was covered, I feel this type of education has been more effective than any other program I have ever tried out.