Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

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Overall of my Inquiry Project Journey:

In Phase 0, I have created my topic "Wealth and Money", then I moved on the Phase 1 where I have told the background infromation and created questions. In Phase 2, I found helpful resorces to help my project. Previously in Phase 3, I have gathered as much infromation as I can and answered my questions from Phase 1. In this phase I will make a plan for my video for the final product of my Inquiry Project journey. 

I choose Nickie N, Annie C, and Stella R. for the three final products to have an idea of how am I going to create my final video. I watched their videos and below are what I learned and what I liked about their videos: 

Nickie N

  • grand music 
  • contrast of colors: black and white: very professional
  • meaningful deep: Everyone have 24 hours 
  • Lessons # 1,2,3 that she learned and would take into her shanghai life 
  • pictures for citation
  • extremely specific: hike experience not microcampus expereince
  • inspire: how are you going to spend your hours?- ending powerful 

Annie C:

  • Restore message: she dig up the wall to see the message beneath
  • learned that not everything is told by the looks 
  • video of the actual process of digging up the wall 

Stella Ren

  • traditional music 
  • black transition page
  • pictures and videos that suited the infromation well, not videos of herself talking 
  • video recording very fast but clear and no background noise (only 5 mins)
  • Learned from Silver Smilthering:
  • Getting Outside of Comfort Zone, Nothing is Impossible, Silver Smilthering 

During these two weeks talking with the villagers, I really learned much about the topic "Wealth and Status" and the improtance of wealth and status. Since Wealth and Status is a new project, I have to start from the bottom to gather knowledge. I have went through many ups and downs with lots of challenges and sucess. I decided to do changes over time, but focusing more on my thoughts of Wealth and Status. If this is very unclear please look at my outline below. 

My audience:

  • people who are curious about people's values 
  • want to discover the meaning and importance of wealth and status 

My purpose of my work is to teach the students about Wealth and status in Xizhou and to inspire importance of life is bigger than wealth and status. 

In order to determine the changes over time about my thoughts of wealth and status, one must consider before the inquiry project sessions, during inquiry project sessions, and after inquiry project sessions. 

The media I will use for My Final Product: imovie 


 I. Introduction

a.     Microcampus:

 i.     28 days

ii.     6 students (Superior)

iii.     to Xizhou

b.     Intro to topic

i.     Reason of choosing:

1.     wealth and status correlation to happiness

2.     people value wealth and status lots

3.     unlock the mystery of wealth and status

c.      Thesis: In order to determine the changes over time about my thoughts of wealth and status, one must consider before the inquiry project sessions, during inquiry project sessions and after inquiry project sessions. 

II.         Before the inquiry session

a.     Some Xizhou’s villagers who were wealthy

b.     Huge wealth gap as in Shanghai

c.      Believe that wealth’s importance is very high

d.     I defined wealth and status as something to be honored by and determined by your job and family fortune.

III.       During the inquiry sessions

a.     Very obvious has wealth distribution for everyone

 i.     Everyone have an overall good living standards

 ii.     Living above poverty line

iii.     No high and low class

b.     Challenges

 i.     Still remember the time where I was about to give up about my inquiry project because no one had lots of wealth and they did not really care about wealth

ii.     Talking to villagers and the few times of uncomfortment (is not an easy goal for me as I do not socialize with people often)

c.      Mr. Qiu, Ms. Song, Elderly ladies, Mr. Dong Perspectives

i.     A sentence or two for each perspectives 

d.     Mr. Dong’s words of wisdom about characteristic to become wealthy or just successful in life

  IV.    After inquiry sessions

a.     After asking people’s perspectives of wealth and status my own definition changed:

b.     Deep lessons

c.      Realization

 i.     What I did not recognize was that this was the core of Xizhou (realization: challenge i)

1.     Because of wealth distribution:

a.     Jealousy and envy does not happen

b.     Living standards increase

ii.     I have grown to become more speaking with strangers and I am very proud of myself (Realization: challenge ii)

V. Conclusion

a.     Inquiry sessions (9 hours) may seem like a small deal to people but to me it has changed my values in life and grow more as any hours I have ever experience

b. Thank you to my Chaperones, superior group and the list of villagers who I have learned so much about!

I hope you enjoy reading all my previous phases and is pleased with my outline. To see the final step of my inquiry project journey, please look at my Final product

Hi! My name is Nicole and I am in the Superior Group. I am from Hong Kong and I came to SAS in second grade. I am so glad that I have attended Microcampus and living in Xizhou is a bliss to experience. The beauty of the Xizhou will never dissolve away in my mind where there are mountain peaks of ice and green garlic fields flowing through the grass land. I miss this experience so much and I hope the future microcampers will feel this experience as special as I did.