Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

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The main point of my project will be about recreational music, and about how it has changed from generation to generation. I will include some information about how Dongjing music is slowly dying out, and how people are starting to listen to popular music more nowadays. I took a look at Ethan's project from the B group about the importance of Dongjing music. He has pretty much the same topic as me, so it helped me get an idea of how I could do my final product. I also looked at Peyton's writing piece from the B group, to get an idea of what other forms of media I could use for my final product. 

My project will be targeted towards many kinds of people including middle schoolers, high schoolers, and even adults. People who like listening to music or playing music will enjoy my product more. 

My project will need a thesis to put all the information together into one product. My thesis is: In order to examine how recreational music has changed over time, one must consider the style, the instruments, and the topics that people sing about. My hanger is: How has recreational music changed over time? and my hooks are: style, instruments, and topics that people sing about. 

Supporting details will also be necessary so people will gain more understanding while looking at my final product. While I was talking to local musicians and shop owners, I found out many supporting details that could be shared in my final product. These supporting details include facts about what people do in their free time, and how much people value music. These are important points to my final product and they will make it more interesting for the audience. 

For my project, I think that I will make a short movie and have voiceover while I show pictures of the village. I will also include some videos or recordings of performances in the movie so the audience can experience it more. 

In order to be better prepared for my project, I will have to plan out how I will put together the product. Here is .,an outline:

In order to examine how recreational music has changed over time, one must consider the style, the instruments, and the topics that people sing about.

How has recreational music changed over time?



-Bai/Dongjing music

-Decrease in traditional music, increase in popular music


-Instruments stay the same over time





-Topics that people sing about

-Changed over time

-Chinese revolution

-Funerals, celebrations, weddings



Hi, Kevin, Well done so far!

Hi, Kevin, Well done so far! Yes, even your strict and picky mom said that. You know, when I first read your answers to the 10 questions in phase 1, my eyebrows started to frown. I was afraid that your answers were not very meaningful, because there were not much details or content behind those adjectives, such as"different", "big way" or "important" . Starting in phase 3, after you really talked to people, after you did more research, after you dig more information from here and there, I can tell you gathered what you need to answer those questions more profoundly. I still suggest that you should answer your questions in more details, because you have so much in your hand already, let the information you gathered go on stage! Look at how much daddy wrote! :-)

Doing great in Microcampus!

Hey Kevin, it's me Chris! It's awesome how you are researching about the music in Xizhou! I am really excited to hear your final project, and the music in Xizhou. I hope you have some great time in Microcampus!

Kevin - this is really

Kevin - this is really shaping up! Indeed, there are few better ways than letting people actually listen to the music when you are trying to say something about music. I am sure it's going to be awesome!


Hi, my name is Kevin C and I was in Xizhou in November and December 2013. It was an amazing experience for me and my friends, and it really changed the way I see the world. Microcampus is an amazing program that helped me learn more about myself. I really enjoyed microcampus and I hope that the future students enjoy it just as much.