Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

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After finishing Phase 3, it is time to move on to Phase 4. In Phase 4, we are developing and thinking how are we going to format our final product.


After looking through Sujin H.Erin Z. I have a better understanding about the format of the Final Product



• I want to share my project with people who cares about the environment or people who is learning about water treatment, waste usage or the water cycle.


• I want to share my project with people who are interested about the history of lake Erhai or tourist who is coming to Xizhou.


Main Point:


• How the water treatment plant treat water


• The past, present and the future of Lake Erhai


• How people use water in home, farm and restaurant


Types of Media I am using:


I am going to use sketch up to make a 3D model of the water treatment plant, after I finished that, I will use screen record to record me talking about my 3D model water treatment plant for my final video.






- Introduction of life in Microcampus


- Introduction of my inquiry project


- Introduction of my finial product


- During my investigation of water usage and treatment in Xizhou, I learned about flow of water through the Erhai region as well as the role of Lake Erhai.



II. Water Flow of the Erhai region:


- How water from Erhai flow into the village


- Where does the water flow?


- What happens to the wastewater


- The process of water treatment


- Conclusion sentence



III. Role of Erhai: 


- What is Erhai


- What is the purpose of Erhai


- The past of Erhai


- The present of Erhai


-  Conclusion Sentence



IV. Problem of Erhai: 


- The two mean problem of Erhai


- The past of Erhai


- The present of Erhai 


- What happens if we keep on doing what we do to Erhai


- Conclusion Sentence



V. Conclusion Paragraph


- Wrapping up


- Leaving Microcampus


- Ending



After making my Outline, It is time to move onto my Final Product.




Hi guys, I am Jack Y. I am a Microcampus student and I was at Xizhou. I have a brother named Jerry and I also have a sister named Amelia. I like Microcampus because it takes me outside of my personal bubble, and I also like my project, which is Water usage/treatment. Microcampus have helped me understand a lot of things, I also understand myself better than before.