Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

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This is the begining of my Phase 4 work. In Phase 1 we explored what we would be researching during our Microcampus time. During Phase 2 we worked on finding helpful resources to continue our research. In Phase 3 we displayed all of the information we gathered in Xizhou and from our resources. In Phase 4 we will be developing a plan for how we are displaying all of the information that we gathered for our final presentation in Phase 5. 

During Phase 4 we were asked to look at three final products from Microcampus alumni in which two were from the Microcampus hall of fame. I looked at projects by: Gayatri B., and Clara C. In Gayatri's product she used the same media that I would like to use. I thought that her use was very effective. Gayatri also did a small business case study so this is why I looked at her project. Clara C's product was amazing I wanted to look at her project because I wanted to learn how she fit all the information that she got into a project and I definitely learned something from her project. 

Another very important part of Phase 4 is choosing the way and the information you will present in your final product. Some things I need to consider for my final presentation are: my audience, my main point and supports, what type of media I will use, and what supporting details are needed. My audience for this is everyone who is interested in the way Xizhou is changing and growing before peoples' eyes in the village. My main point or thesis is: Any investigation into how businesses have changed in Xizhou must consider the following: Changes in coustomer base, Inflation, and Changes in business owners integrity.  The media I will use to represent this is a keynote that includes pictures of the people I had conversations with and the information they shared with me. The information that it will include is information on how the coustomer base is becoming more tourists. How inflation is effecting their daily life in Xizhou, and how business owner's integrity has changed. 

I. All the information gathered during the Microcampus project was work gathered from about a month of initial research and a fantastic and life changing 28-day experience in a small village in the southwest of China. During my 28 days in Xizhou I interviewed about 15 different people from all walks of life. I had interviews with people that had lived in Xizhou all of their life to people who had moved to Xizhou a few months ago. The topic I chose was a small business case study. During Phase 3 and Phase 4 (link these) I chose to do a change over time presentation of the information I gathered. Any investigation into how businesses have changed in Xizhou must consider the following: Changes in coustomer base, Inflation, and Changes in business owners integrity. 

II.  Hook #1 Coustomer Base

        A. Transformation From Local Coustomer's to tourists
        B. Products
        C. Type of Shops

III. Hook #2 Inflation

       A. Rent
       B. Supplies
       C. Profits

IV. Hook #3 Integrity
A. Honest --> Smart
B. More Comerical
C. Pricing

V. Conclusio

In conclusion we know that to see if businesses have changed we must look at the coustomer base, the effects of inflation, and the integrity of the business owners. This presentation demonstrated the information I gathered during my time at Microcampus. This project changed the way I think about Xizhou and the way I think about the world.

After Phase 4 it is time to move onto the final step in the Microcampus process which is Phase 5 of my inquiry work. If you would like to see that then please click here



Hello, my name is George M. I am an 8th Grader at Shanghai American School Pudong and I was a part of the Microcampus Limitless group and am currently in Xizhou. I am looking forward to and making the process of changing as a person and a student. My inquiry project topic is a small business case study while also looking at the effects of migration. Xizhou is a beautiful and amazing place and I enjoyed every second of it.