Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

Updated 1 year 3 months ago

In the previous section, Phase 3, I have finished gathering information and answered my ten big questions. In the current phase, Phase 4, I am going to start organizing all my data and begin to gather a plan of how I will share all my research. 

Throughout looking at the projects of several previous Microcampus students- Cassandra M., Hannah H.,  and Sabrina C., I now have a better understanding of what a final inquiry project product looks like. 

In regards to my audience for my inquiry project, I simply hope for anybody to see it, especially those who are interested in the subject of religion.

My main point is that, in order to understand religion in the village, one must be able to look at life from the major faiths in Xizhou, Buddhism/Benzhu and Islam. 

Perhaps pictures would help the process of forming a final product a great deal, alongside a video of what I learned, which also includes a voiceover.

In terms of information related to my main focuses within my Inquiry topic, I believe that different points of view are extremely important, as well as the backgrounds of different faiths.

In the following section, I have organized my information into four categories.

I. In order to fullly understand religion in the village, one must be able to make sense of Islam and Benzhu/Buddhism in the village, as they both play major roles in Xizhou.

II. Islam

- Introduce people I have interviewed who follow this faith-  Mr. Yang, Ms. Mu, Ms. Ma, Mr. Li, Ms. Ma.

- Go into the individual views on religion for each person, and what they do

- Mr. Yang- his temple duties

- Ms. Mu- how she prays

- Ms. Ma- how they organize work habits to fit the schedule

- Mr. Li- how his family works at the shop- what their daily prayers are like (they have a large family)

- Ms. Ma- about what her family does daily, how they manage the vendor

- Introduce the village mosque; introduce the mosque at the mountains

- Introduce the five-day prayer

- How families pray each day and how they celebrate holidays such as Ramadan

- Pictures of muslim people and also the mosques/other landmarks

- Characteristics of the Islam population

a) takes up a large amount of the village population (around 30%)

b) very peaceful people

c) more characteristics around daily habits

III. Benzhu/Buddhism

- Introduce interviewees- Mr. Yang, Mr. Yang, Ms. Yang, Ms. Dong

- Mr. Yang- Temple Keeper- talk about his temple in specifics (age, location etc.)

- Mr. Yang- Tailor- talk about his temple visits and family

- Ms. Yang- talk about the temple she takes care of

-Ms. Dong- talk about her business, how she manages, her family, her traditions

-Introduce the various Buddhist or Benzhu temples in the village (pictures, age etc) 

-Introduce the faith of Buddhism

-Explain how Benzhu is related to Buddhism- how some classify it as a branch of it, how some merge the two, etc.

-Praying habits

-Portion of population that is of these religions (merged)

-Lifestyle (peaceful, busy, good communications with others)

IV. Conclusion  

-Talk about why I chose religion to study

-Why religion plays a large role in the village, how it connects to Xizhou

-Reflect on what, most importantly, I have gained from this experience and what I have learned from studying religion

-How my view on religion in Xizhou has changed

-What will it [religion] be like in the future in Xizhou

-How this opportunity changed my thinking most of all

In the next step, Reporting and Reflecting, I will wrap up all my work and create a final product, alongside creating a reflection on everything I have learned during my Microcampus journey. 

Hi, my name is YingTing and I was thirteen when I went to Microcampus as part of Kryptonite. Living in Xizhou for a month was an experience I will never forget;. I had an amazing time there and will forever treasure the days I spent getting acquainted with its beautiful and unique culture.