Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

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Phase 4 is writing an outline of the final project. My topic is Wall Propaganda, but I have branched out to Wall Charts, Charts written between The Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revalution. In Phase 3 I went out into Xizhou and researched the charts and interviewed people about it. Phase 1 I researched back in Shanghai, Phase 2 I asked questions and in Phase 0 I chose a topic.

I watched Julia N. and Katherine Y. videos on propaganda and saw that they wrote about lots of different propaganda and no wall charts, making it hard to relate to. None the less, they are very good videos and they know a lot about the history.

My audience for this project will be people staying at the Linden Centre, telling them about these historic gems, but once the wall charts get destroyed, I would want to translate it to Chinese and teach the new people of Xizhou about what used to be. 

My main point of my project is how much history and knowledge a wall can have. There is one wall chart with literally layers of history, each covering the other up. I will want to show and inform people about the sheer amounts of info this one chart is giving and how it should be preserved, and if not, be preserved in people's mind, to have the knowledge of these charts be remebered.

The way I'll most likely show it is an imovie explaining the wall chart what each part means, as if you would be standing right there and I would be pointing it out to the listener. There will be lots of pictures of what I'm talking about, becasue for this one piece, you need to see it to really understand it.

I will have to share when in time different pieces where made and why. Explaining why which piece looks the way it does and why each piece is where it is. Then I will explain how the different pieces work together and almost clash together, just like the time periods did.

I. Introduction

A. Explaining Microcampus: Microcampus is a exciting one in a life time experience where 16 8th graders go out into Yunnan and go to one village there for a month called Xizhou. An peaceful old town, which is open to vistors and tourists. The Microcampus experience requires kids to step out of their comfort zone and try new things. For some kids, it might be a life changing amazing experience with great benifits, for others it's a whole month with too much work. It depends on the type of person you are.

B. Explaining Wall Charts

C. Thesis: To truly understand the wall at ____ address, and the various layers, one must delve into the history of the local village during the Great Leap Forward, the post-Great Leap reform period, and from 1966 onward.

II. Great Leap Forward (II)

A. Background Information: Mao came to power, convinced the people to jump ahead in advancments in technology, steel, and grain production.

B. How the Crops Failed: The villages would lie to the government to make the governemnt proud, causing the government to take all of their crops unknowingly.

C. The Outcome and the Propaganda: Propaganda of People having plentiful amounts of food and happy bright colors.


III. The Wall Chart 

A. Background Information. All the lying, evil government officals thrown out and an attempt to make sure it never happens again, wall charts are made.

B. How the Wall Chart Works. It has certain quotas you must acheive.

C. How it affected the Village: Harsh and demanding to the people, all equal demands, depending on how much family members you must attend to and feed.


IV. Cultural Revalution and On 

A. Background Information: Mao comes back into power.

B. How it affected the Wall and the Outcome and Propaganda: Cutural Revulation stops the wall chart from continuing.

C. Afterwards: Local family covers it up, governemnt protected sign goes up.

V. Conclusion 




My name is Sam from Shanghai American School, from Puxi. I was in the Kryptonite group and was in Xizhou Microcampus in March 2015. It was a very fun and exciting experience, almost a bit frightening the amount of responsibility. I was working on Wall Propaganda for my inquiry project and have finished.