Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

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In my previous phase, Phase 3, I have gottten all my information I had found on the internet in Shanghai, and during my stay in Xizhou. In this phase, I will be emerging my ideas, which include sorting them out, and outlining my final project. 

Before doing this Phase, I had looked at three students final projects, they include, Clara (Alumni-B), Narelle (Alumni-G), and Jeffrey (Alumni-D)

My audience I will be trying to target is the ones who would want to design a Xizhou-style garden/front courtyard. I want people to see the design I would be placing for a front courtyard in a classic square courtyard in Xizhou. I will design the courtyard with plants based on, function, fashion, fit, and symbolism. Each plant will have its own meaning and place in the garden. And of course, there will be a section and plant dedicated to something related to the Kryptonite Group. I will plan to make a virtual tour of my garden, including an initial sketch of the birds-eye view garden. With the Imovie I will be making, I will make my virtual tour a tour similar to one in which you will have in real life, starting from the main gate. I want to explain what each plant does, what each plant represents and shows and why I put it in that location of the garden. 

Microcampus is a program that brings students from SAS to a village near the southwest of China called Xizhou. During their one month stay in Xizhou, students will research about a topic that they are interested in and share their studies to the globe. Anyone interested in my topic, which I have shortened down into Plant life in Xizhou, might be interested in what I am finding out in this village. 

Local Plant and Insect life is extremely vague and ambiguous. So I had to focus on a topic, I looked at a few students who did the project before me and noticed a pattern, none of them were researching about insect life! I thought that was crazy! I mean, there are more species of insects in the world than mammals, reptiles, and so many other things combined! So I wanted to take a look into insect life, but realized that it was harder than I thought. It was hard to find even the most basic information on insects on the internet, from contacts, and from experts who rarely respond to my emails. I then realized that the only possible way I could get infromation out of the critters was by observing. So I made a huge transition and based my topic on plant life. Plant studies were a relief, information came flowing into my notebook. I had info on medicine, crops, decoration, and even information on 风水! It is no wonder Yunnan is known as 'Plant Heaven". 

I believe the most useful way I will express my information will be to make an Imovie about it, a virtual tour of the garden, which will truly surface my inner thoughts. Here is an outline about how my garden will be grouped and designed. 

I. Introduction to my Garden Courtyard
     - What is Microcampus.
     - Background on my topic.
     - Why I chose to make a garden.
     - Thesis, main point.
          - To fully understand Local Plant and Insect life, one must consider the local decorative plants, functional plants, and market revolving around plants.

II. Functional Plants
     - What types of functional plants.
     - What those funtional plants do.
     - Why do we need those plants.
     - Where I will put those plants in the courtyard.

III. Decorative Plants
     - What are the decorative plants. 
     - What those decorative plants are, look like, and their background. 
     - Where do we put those plants in the courtyard.

IV. Symblolism
     - What are the symbolic plants.
     - What does each plant represent.
     - Where do we find those plants.
     - Why do we need those plants.

V. Conclusion
     - Reflection on learning.
     - Acknoledgments and thanks.

In this phase, I have created my outline on what my final draft will be like. With this information, I will proceed onto my final draft. Please enjoy the FINAL PRODUCT, and all the work and effort I put into it. Thank you. 

My name is Leonard and I am a 10th grader (as of Nov 2016) studying at Shanghai American School. I stayed in Xizhou from March to April 2014. My Inquiry project was to study local plant and insect life. The reason I am studying this topic is because I have always been interested in ethology and ecology. Afterthoughts: Microcampus was a great way to step outside the bubble that I have insulated myself in for the entirety of my life. It was a unique experience, and I really got to experience life in rural China.