Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

Updated 5 years 1 month ago

While working on my inquiry project, I looked at previous works of Microcampus students like Jorge, Miranda Y, and Anna's. I read Anna's and Miranda Y's because their inquiry project topics was similar to mine. I looked at Jorge's because at first when I was still coming up with a hanger I had to brainstorm many different possibilities. A possibility I had was What will I have to know in order to sell Xizhou Baba for a year?. Jorge's topic was about Economics of a Small Family-Run Business and I thought that it might benefit me if I read his project. In the end my hanger was different, but it was nice learning some more about Xizhou Baba.

The audience of my project can be anyone who chooses to view it. I hope that most of the people who chooses to view my project are "foodies" or other students intrerested in Xizhou Cuisine. My project can also benefit future Microcampus students, because one of them might just choose to focus on food for their inquiry project. 

Every project needs a focus/main point so you know what you are trying to find out. The thesis of my project is: In order to make a Xizhou Baba from scratch, one would have to know the ingredients, tools, and procedure.

Other important information/details that pertain to my topic would be some background information about Xizhou Baba and have knowledge about costs. Background information is necessary because bakers would have to know what flavors (plain, salty, and sweet) people like most in order to earn more money. Another reason background information is necessary is because Xizhou Baba was invented 200 years ago and some methods/techniques to make the snack taste bettter have been past down through generations. The main goal of any Xizhou Baba store owner is to make the most delicious Baba, profit most, and maybe in the future become well known. 

To present my project, I can make a movie project. I would just take photos of baba, the baba making process, and other ingredients and put them into my movie along with a voiceover.

First I would also be sharing what Microcampus is and why we are here for a month, our purpose. In my final project, I will first be sharing my hanger, then I would be sharing the three hooks one at a time by voicing over it. One of my hooks is the ingredients used in the making of baba, I will talk about why certain ingredients are used and how you can find them. Another one of my hooks is the procedure, which I will be showing photos of each step and voicing over it. The last hook I have are the tools used, and I will be talking about how to use them and when you should use them. 

Hi, I am Michael and I am 13 years old. I am from Los Angeles, USA and so far I have lived in two different places (L.A. and Shanghai). I found out about Microcampus when Mr. Tafel introduced it in 6th grade. When my older sibling came back and told me how amazing the trip was, I decided that I wanted to go in 8th grade. Now that I am back in Shanghai, I miss the clean, fresh air of Xizhou as well as all the lovely people in the village.