Phase 4: Preparing to Share: Emerging Ideas

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Previously in Phase 3, I got a lot of information from the internet, my chaperones, and the locals. Now in Phase 4, I will be writing down my hangers and hooks and my outline. 

Our wonderful Mr. T personally wrote a word document for us called the 'Hall of Fame' that included a list of past projects, each very different from another. The Inquiry Projects I looked at were the ones done by Nike from B-4, Gayatri from Dynamite, and Jeffrey from Dynamite. I think that Nike used iMovie, Gayatri used Keynote, and Jeffrey used iMovie and this extremely cool architecture application. Jeffrey's project was extremely informational whilst Gayatri's project included more of her and her thoughts and opinions.

I suppose that future Microcampus people could look at my project and get a basic understanding of what Microcampus is about and what the Inquiry Topic is. I also think that maybe people who are interested in the hobbies that local Chinese adults do. Perhaps they may want to look at my Inquiry Project to develop a deeper understanding of what Chinese adults like to do in their spare time. Lastly, I think that my teachers back in SAS would like to know what I have been doing in the past month, so most likely, they will also look at my project.

The main point of my topic is to further learn about what local adults here in Xizhou like to do. Also, in order to investigate the recreational activities of middle aged adults, one must consider what adults in the past did, what adults do now, and what future adults might do in the future. I guess that the main idea of my topic is to learn and understand about what hobbies adults from different times had and will have.

I think that the main 'tool' I will use to create my final Inquiry Project is a Powerpoint or an iMovie. I think that these applications will be great for making my final project because I have a lot of information in my three hooks and these applications are quite good for putting a lot of information in. 

I do not have too much information on my first hook because even though I have interviewed a lot of people, they always gave me the exact same answer. For my second hook, I have a lot of information which is really good. For my third hook, I have absolutely no information on it yet but it does not require a lot of information from other people, only me.

Below is a very general outline that I will use to do my final project.

I. Introduction

a. An introduction to Microcampus

  • 28 days
  • What it is
  • What we do

b. An introduction to my Inquiry Project

  • What Inquiry Project is
  • Local Recreation/Hobbies
  • The process of everything

c. Thesis Statement
d. Transition into three hooks

II. What adults in the past did for recreation

a. Travel
b. Photography
c. Busy
d. Work
e. Family

III. What adults nowadays do for recreation

a. Mahjong
b. Dance
c. Cross-Stitch
d. Take walks
e. Bike
f. Chat
g. Collect antiques
h. Calligraphy
i. Play on the phone
j. Watch TV
k. Shop
l. Garden
m. Go to Lake Erhai
n. Sleep
o. Hike
p. Use electronics
q. Play badminton
r. Watch the news
s. Swim
t. Exercise
u. Play cards
v. Listen to music
w. Watch people dance
x. Fly pigeons
y. Fish in Erhai

IV. What adults in the future might like to do for recreation

a. Bring up past two hooks
b. Make connections
c. Bring up the past of the past adults and present adults

  • The adults now did a lot more chores as children than children now
  • Children now have a lot more toys and electronics to play with

e. Make some educated guesses about what future adults might do

  • More like Shanghai (ice-rinks, arcades, parks)
  • More futuristic (electronics, high tech)

V. Conclusion

a. Restate thesis
b. Sum up Inquiry Project
c. Sum up Microcampus
d. Experience/What I have learnt
e. Thanks and sources
f. The end

Now that I have finished planning out my final project, you can find the final reflection and video here.

Hi! My name is Adeena L. and I am 13 years old. I was born in Portland, Oregon but I have lived in Shanghai for about 10 years now. I travel a lot with my family so I have been to many different places. I enjoy learning about various civilizations, which can also lead to understanding more about different cultures. During my time in Xizhou, I managed to learn a lot of different things about the rich culture and the local people of Xizhou.