Phase 3: Interpreting Information

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Introduction of what i did in previous phases

Background information(from phase 1):

After looking at reflection from alumnis who had done "what if I was born there", I found that this project requires a lot of interaction with local students, families, and teachers in order to better understand the life of a middle schooler in Xizhou, as well as observing students' lives. Also, family values, education, lifestyle are important in shaping the student and impacting their daily lives. To compare Xizhou middle schoolers' lives to our lives, it is easier and better to narrow down into a group(gender, interest), so that it is easier to compare2.

Information from 3-to-5's:

Information from local contacts:

Answers to previous quesitons(from phase 1):


1. K, Amy. Case Study of a Life of a Xizhou Eighth Grader. accessed february 1st.

2. C, Grace. Daily Life of Children in Xizhou. accessed february 1st.



I was born in New Jersey, USA, then I moved to Shanghai when I was 3 years old. So, I have many experiences interacting with Chinese and Chinese culture. I love to interact with people and hear their stories, too.