Phase 3: Interpreting Information

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Background Information (From Phase 1):

Yunnan has traditionally been a footnote in Chinese culture, and has not garnered much news attention. [2]

Yunnan's geography has been the main reason of Yunnan's backward socioeconomic system. From 1927 to 1945 Yunnan was controlled by a militarist warlord by the name of Long Yun, who was eventually overthrew by a coup by the famous field marshall Du Yuming. This meant that there was hardships in integrating Yunnan as part of China, and during the turmoil of war separate entity states within a state was bad news for the Kuomintang, who needed to collect taxes.

Yunnan's geography is problematic: Yunnan is 90% mountainous, which is bad for both industry and agriculture. And a lack of river and little incentive by the government to build roads and rails meant that Yunnan is one of the most poor underdeveloped province in China. By 2016, Yunnan's GDP 

When Chiang Kai-Shek formed the Nationalist Government, Yunnan was theoretically part of China, but in practive was 

Information from 3-to-5's:

Information from Local Contacts:

Answers to Previous Questions (From Phase 1):


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