Phase 2: Finding Helpful Resources

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In Phase 1 I looked over the information I have learned and also did some background research so I can learn more about my topic, Wood Carving before I go to Xi Zhou. After that, I made my 10 Big Question that I will answer once I get to Xizhou.

During my research, I had to use a lot of keywords because I needed to find a reliable website that can answer the questions I had. The words, Wood Carving, history, and type came up a lot as I was focusing on the different types of woods used in Wood Carving and histories of Wood Carving, the evolution of how it is made and what was it used for. From those keywords, I was also able to find some helpful information about how Wood Carving was used in China. The information I learned and found are available in Phase 3.

When I was doing my background research, I had to see if the sources I was using are reliable and credible. Every time before reading the article, I would first try finding the author who wrote the piece. If I was able to find the author, I would look further into his or her authority and see his or her's past experiences, then after that, I would start reading the article. If I was not able to find the author, I would look further into the website and see if it the website was a reliable source to use. There are a few websites that I had to abandon after this procedure that seemed really reliable at first. Since my topic is mainly based on facts and not opinion, I did not have to consider much about the date, although the new websites may have information that is fresher.

I have reached out to some experts on the topic, Wood Carving, so I can learn more. I have chosen Yu YiBo as he is an owner of an online museum, and also an expert wood carver himself.  His online website has a lot of information about ancient artifacts, among them, there is a lot of information of Wood Carvings. Because he has personally experienced the wood carving himself, he can give me constructive feedback so I could further improve my research.                                                                                 

Here is a sample of the message I sent

Dear Mr. Yu

     My name is Brandt L. and I am an eighth-grade student at Shanghai American School. I am writing to you for any constructive feedback you are willing to give me for this school project. I have noticed your strong passion for the artifacts you have in your online museum and I have been very curious to see if you can evaluate my work. I would love for you to take a look at my project Here are some answers I am trying to answer on my trip to Xi Zhou, China for this project.

1. Are there any conditions that are needed to store logs?
2. What is the best duration of time for a log to be carved?

3.What is the history of Chinese Wood Carvings?
4.Are there any backstories to Wood Carving?
5. How long does it take to master the skill, Wood Carving?          
6. How is Wood Carvings different than other types of art craft?       
7. What was the motivation to start Wood Carving?
8. Was there a time when you had a fixed mindset about wood carving and how did you persevere?
9. How have Wood Carvings impacted their lives?       
10. Through experiences, what have you learned from Wood Carving?

I would really appreciate any feedback or comment you can give me about these questions or research that you can give.

Thank you so much,

Brandt L.

So far, Mr. Yu has not replied to my message. I will keep an open eye to my email to see if they have responded.

Now that I am in Xi Zhou I will be doing my "Three to Fives". "Three to Fives" is an interview where I find 3-5 adults to talk with for 3-5 minutes to find a list of people that I can interview.I chose to interview Mr.T and Ms.Mai because both of them has a lot of knowledge and experience about Xi Zhou community and have many close relations with the people here. Then I chose to talk with Mr.Chen and Ms. B because they have been around Yang Zhou Ran for quite a long time and probably know about the alumni and their past topic interest. Down below are the people Mr.T, Ms. Mai, Mr. Chen, and Ms. B recommended for me to talk with.

Mr. Tafel

  • Mr. Du (Du da zheng fu) 
  • Mr. Linden
  • Mr. Yang
  • Antique shops
  • Mr.Tian (Downhill Linden Center)
  • Mr. ??? (Zhou Chen)

Ms. Mai

  • Mr. ??? (Take a left at Rang Yi Xiang, Ficus tree, take a left, right before the dangerous intersection, take left)
  • Mr. ??? (Xi Fang Jie, cross archway, heading towards the most dangerous intersection, turn 200m to right)
  • Mr. ??? (Sha Chun next to Linden center)
  • Mr. Du (Du da zheng fu) 
  • Mr. Yang and Ms.Mai (Xi Fang Jie)
  • Mr. ??? (Yan Yi Shan, go left 50 meters)
  • Mr. ??? (Turn right from Rang Yi Xiang to Si Fang Jie)
  • Mr. ??? (Between Bao Chen Fu and the Wet Market)

Mr. Chen

  • Mr. Li (Si Fang Jie, Northeast, road to get to Yang Zhuo Ran, the road toward Linden center)
  • Mr. ??? (Sha Chun next to Linden center)
  • Mr. ??? (Take a left at Rang Yi Xiang, Ficus tree, take a left, right before the dangerous intersection, take left)
  • Antique sellers

Ms. B

  • Mr. ??? (Take a left at Rang Yi Xiang, Ficus tree, take a left, right before the dangerous intersection, take left)
  • Mr. ??? (Across Public toilet)
  • Mr. ??? (Sha Chun next to Linden center)
  • Construction works (Zhao Shi-fu) 

Up to now, I think I have a good amount of people I can interview and I think I can get a lot of valuable information from them since they are all experts at the field of Wood Carving. In the meantime, I think these interviews can lead me to other experts they are familiar with. This definitely will keep me occupied for my inquiry project time.

Books can be very helpful for my inquiry project. The library at the linden center has a lot of books on many different topics. I hope that I can find a few books that can help me out with my inquiry project any book about wood carving and its history. I will make sure I put some time aside to go and find books for my project. Hopefully, I will be able to discover a book that will help. 

In this phase, I looked out for helpful resources. I have looked on the internet to find experts in Wood Carving based in Yunnan and have also conducted 3-5s to find people I can interview for information on Wood Carving. In Phase 3, we will be conducting some fieldwork in Xizhou, gathering information from our resources and learning more about our topics. 



My name is Brandt L. and I am born in Nagoya, Japan the moved to Shanghai, China when I was two years old. I have been in the SAS community for about 5 years and it has been an amazing and a wonderful time. I have a sister called Vanessa who was part of the Microcampus E group. The 28-day Microcampus experience has been a wonderful experience that I will never forget in my life. I definitely want to visit Xizhou again in the future for the amazing community, scenery, and delicious food!