Phase 2: Finding Helpful Resources

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In  Phase 1, I have posted the big questions for my topic, now I have to find helpful resources.

When I was researching water usage/treatment in Phase 1, I used many keywords that refer to my topic. The first one is "Water filter in Yunnan." This key word will show me that how the water are filtered, how clean is the water after it filters and many other important questions. I also used " irrigate system in Yunnan" to find out how does the farmer water their plants. I also used "Water Usage/Treatment in Yunnan" to summarize everything in my topic.

I only used four websites and three of those are made by former Microcampus students, which means these information have already been proved. The other website I used is from the governmental website. 

I can tell who written the information that I use by looking back to the source of the information.

Helpful Resources:

Zach Rhodes:

Contact email:

I found him on a website called Zintro. It stated that he is an expert on water usage/treatment, that he knows all of my answer to my questions. That the reason I have chose him.

Sample of Email:

Dear _____,

My name is Jack Y, I am a 8th grader at Shanghai American School. In a few weeks, I will go to a town called Xi Zhou located in Yunnan, China. I am learning about the water treatment and usage over there by answering these questions: 


1. How does the farmers over there conserve water?

2. How does the village conserve their water?

3. How long does it take to filter 100 cubic meter of water?

4. How much water can the water filter clean at one time?

5. How much water comes from the mountains in a year?

6. What kind of technique do they use for the irrigate system?

7. How clean is the water?

8. Is the water that is treated in the water treatment plant drinkable?

9. Where does the treated water go?

10. Are they doing anything to conserve water in the water plant?


I have a website where you could see all my work. The URL is this I am not asking you to give me answers to the entire question, I am only asking you for some feedback and some information for my topic. 



Jack Y.


Results: No reply (4.19.15)


The Three to Fives


After arriving at Xizhou, we are now ready to do our 3-5 interviews. Three to Five's means to interview three to five people about three to five minutes. In the interview, I do not ask for any information, I only asked for source where I could get the information. I have interviewed Mr. Tafel, Celiy, Ms. Mai, Ms. Linden and Mr. Linden. I chose those people for my interview because they know the most people around Xizhou that is in the Linden Centre.


Mr. Tafel:

•   The water treatment plant

•   The Wet Land

•   Mr. Duan

•   Mr. Jeao

Mr. Linden:

•   Water treatment plant

•   Village head

•   Frank

Ms. Linden:

•   Water treatment

•   People at wetland

•   Cecily

•   People at the village

Celiy :

•   Water treatment

•   Farmer

•   all the local

•   restaurant people

•   Staff

Ms. Mei

•   People around the lake

•   Water treatment

•   Erhi lake

•   Treatment system around the lake

•   Farmer

I have found all of the helpful resources in Xizhou. In the Linden center library, any book that is related to water will be helpful for my project

Now I have finish my Phase 2 work, and now I am moving on to Phase 3.


Hi guys, I am Jack Y. I am a Microcampus student and I was at Xizhou. I have a brother named Jerry and I also have a sister named Amelia. I like Microcampus because it takes me outside of my personal bubble, and I also like my project, which is Water usage/treatment. Microcampus have helped me understand a lot of things, I also understand myself better than before.