Phase 1: Posing Real Questions

Updated 9 months 1 week ago

In Phase 0 I chose what inquiry project I would study during Microcampus, this is the textile project including some photography. Now in phase 1, I will be researching and collecting information about my inquiry project and creating questions to support my research. 

Before I begin to do background research on my topic it is important to clarify what I already know. I do not know much about my topic; however, I do know that a lot of Chinese art work is inspired not only by their imagination however also by China's natural surroundings. This has been noticed whilst I am walking around in Chinese shops or very traditional Chinese places. Chinese artwork is often covered in flowers, trees, and lakes, etc. However due to the urbanization, the inspiration to make art of the nature around us is disappearing. However, Xizhou doesn't have this problem and there is still so much beautiful nature to be inspired by. This is what makes Xizhou such a special and beautiful place.  As well as using nature as an inspiration, they also use nature to create useful things such as baskets made of bamboo. Whilst in Microcampus I hope to discover what kinds of messages they try to depict in their drawings. I also hope to find out what other things the locals like to draw. 

My name is Stella and I am 13 years old. I was born in South Korea, but I am Greek. All my life I have lived in Asia and I have never seen life outside the 'bubble'. I have chosen to study the textile project during Microcampus and am looking forward to learning how to do different things such as tie dye, and making things out of bamboo since I think it could be interesting thing to learn and experience.