Phase 1: Posing Real Questions

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At Phase 1, all Microcampus students, including myself have already decided on the topic we will be doing our inquiry project in Phase 0. The topic I chose to research on is Wood Carving/Door Making. In Phase 1, we will be starting to create questions that will help guide our research on the Microcampus trip.

What I already know

At this point in this time, I do not really have much knowledge about Wood Carving/Door Making but I do have some information. Wood Carving/Door Making is a type of woodworking. Woodworking is wood pieces that are usually carved by a knife by one hand or chiseled by two hands. Even though a lot of people practice woodcarving, woodcarving is actually one of the most uncommon types of art, as the woodcarver family is mainly from China and Japan.

Where I learned this

I got this information above based on my past experiences. My art teacher from outside of SAS majors in art and always loves to share his knowledge with us when we are doing our work. One time in class we were sketching wood sculptures and the teacher shared with us some minor background about wood carving. I was always very interested in woodcarving because I would always see massive, beautiful wood carvings wherever I go. I fell that Microcampus gave me the opportunities to be able to learn more about the woodcarvings always loved and wondered. I am grateful for the knowledge I took from my art teacher and am very excited that I will be able to add more to my "What I already know" after the Microcampus experience.

What I want to learn

I want to learn more about the background of Wood Carving/Door Making, the ideas about a sculpture and also about the backgrounds of some woodcarvers. I am also interested in learning the different type of methods a wood sculpture can be carved and the carvers methods of choosing a perfect chunk of wood to carve the sculpture from. As shown above, I do not know a lot about Wood  Carving, but I really do want to learn a lot more about the,. I feel the inspiration for these questions comes from the wood sculptures I see. For example, this winter break I saw a wood sculpture of a hedgehog that is a pencil holder, the pencils it holds acts like the spikes of the hedgehog and I was just really amazed at the thought put into that piece of wood carving.

Hello everybody! My name is Brandt L. and I am 13 years old. I moved to China when I was two years old and have been in the SAS community for about 5 years and it has been an amazing and a wonderful time. Something I like to do in my free time is to draw, take photos, listen to music, and play with my dog who is named Luffy. I have a sister called Vanessa who was part of the Microcampus E group and I am extremely excited to also be in the microcampus trip. I can't wait to go to Xizhou and learn more about their culture and meet the people there! :)