Phase 1: Posing Real Questions

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This is Phase 1, where I will be highlighting the impacts that propaganda influences onto our world and Xizhou. I will also be providing some backstory on my Inquiry Project topic as well as posing some questions that I will be answering on Microcampus. In Phase o, I explored many different topics and made my final selection. 

What do I already know?

Propaganda is the spreading of ideas, information, allegations, or rumors for the purpose of dominating society opinion. In literature, writers often use propaganda as an intellectual technique to manipulate public opinion for or against one idea or another. In history, we can find an abundance of literary works used as propaganda to morph public perceptions. The function of propaganda can be seen through media advertising (commercials), politics, literature, and even art. Art is one of the most popular forms of propaganda. Art propaganda is the expression of human imagination, creativity, and sometimes even corruption - it is a very powerful type of communication through posters. 

Where did I learn these things?

I learned most of my knowledge of propaganda through art class and social studies. Last year in art, I was taught to convey my understanding of poster propaganda through interpreting, analyzing, and observing. Examining the poster propaganda's methodically helped me understand that color, font, spacing, intensity or lightness, and especially words, are all elements of propaganda that create the main idea. This year in social studies, we had a unit on World War I. I learned about the repercussions and manipulating effects that propaganda had on the public in many different countries. 

What do I want to know about this topic?

For my topic, wall propaganda messages in Xizhou, I would like to learn how the citizens of the village reacted to the messages and how they were affected. I hope to dig deeper on how the propaganda has implanted itself into their personal lives in the first place. I wonder if propaganda in the village is a regular occurrence and if the villagers are use to the messages. I also wish to learn if the propaganda has swayed public opinion. 

In order to truly develop and understand my topic before getting started on my big questions, I have done some background research that can be found in Phase 3.

My name is Sonia, and I'm 13 years old. I was born in Canada but I was born and raised in Shanghai. My hobbies include basketball, touch rugby, volleyball, frisbee, writing, and reading. I acquire a thirst for learning and new opportunities. I hope to flourish on this Microcampus trip by discovering a new life style and perspective. In short, I wish to grow.