Phase 1: Posing Real Questions

Updated 3 days 16 hours ago

Back in Phase 0, I introduced the topic I would be researching during the Microcampus trip, Local Businesses. Now, in Phase 1, I will be presenting questions about this topic as well as discussing my current knowledge about these businesses.

As of now, I do not have much knowledge about Local Businesses. I probably have just as much information about this as any other person does. I do know that these types of businesses are usually run by people without a very high income and is also sometimes passed down to the next generation of the family. Often times, the type of business will rely heavily on what is accessible to the shopkeeper. Furthermore, some residents occasionally run their business as a bit of a hobby, most likely people from the older generations.

I learned this information through a variety of sources, but most of these were just common knowledge that I learned throughout the course of my life. Others were from making assumptions about the businesses that I often visit, like a small stationery shop, or am connected to in some way or another. I often discuss with my family about the business that my father and his side of the family runs, so I do understand small bits of what happens. I also read through the Phase 1 of Margaret M.; her research helped me tremendously to gain some more background knowledge, that were catered towards more local areas.

When given the chance at Yunnan, there would be an abundant of questions and things I would want to learn about. One would be, the history of the shop. For instance, what compelled them to open up such a business, or if it was something that was passed down to them. While on this topic, learning more about the history of the shop owner themselves is something that I am interested in. Financial activity as well as their products would definitely strike an interest in me (how they produce what they sell, how they do it, and their financial strength, etc.). Researching about what has happened throughout their career, if they have taken any risks, and what that has lead to, is another area that appeals to me.

In addition to this, I also did some research about this specific topic; this will help me be able to better understand Local Businesses as well as to be able to create Big Questions later on in Phase 3.

Hello, I am a thirteen year old in eight gold. I have lived in Shanghai for 3 years (this being my third) and before that, I lived in California for all my years up until middle school. Over the course of this trip, I would like to be able to observe and compare the way people in the Yunnan area live compared to Shanghai. I am often described as weird with a "special" sense of humor. On the other hand, my friends depict me as a calm, respectable, and righteous person. I am very grateful to be a part of such a unique experience this year and hope to be able learn and grow.