Phase 1: Posing Real Questions

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Throughout Phase 0, I worked through the process of choosing my inquiry project topic, Local Food Products/Cuisine, discovering the character traits needed to complete the project well, and sharing my hopes and ideas. The main purpose of Phase 1 is to receive some knowledge on my topic and come up with 10 major questions that I have about the Xizhou Local and Food Products/Cuisine

Due to the fact that I have grown up with cooking and baking in my life, I know a few tips that could help me while I am on Microcampus. Based on my knowledge of cooking, I know that being in the kitchen involves a lot of patience and trial and error. I have had many times where I fail, but that is normal. I also know that a clean workspace is very helpful while in the kitchen. Sometimes cooking can get very messy and it is very beneficial to have an idea of where everything is and have a clean counter. Another tip is to always check if there is the right amount of ingredients available at that time. There have been multiple times where I have begun cooking and midway through, not had enough ingredients due to the fact that I did not check before starting to cook. Making sure you keep track of time is deeply important as well. If you do not check the time often, you could easily burn and ruin your food. I hope that while I am on Microcampus, I keep in mind these tips so I can do the best I can.

There have been a great many people throughout my life that  taught me the tips on cooking that I shared above. My Aunt Fran was one person that taught me many ways to be efficient and patient while cooking. Every time I visited Singapore, I acted as my Aunt Fran's personal assistant so that I could study the way she cooked at her club restaurant. Aunt Nanny, Mr. Paul, and Ms. Megan were all excellent teachers as well. Each one taught me something that I hope to use on the Microcampus 2018 trip.

I definitly would like to and hope to discover and learn during Microcampus. For instance, I really would like to discover new techniques in preparing and creating dishes. I want to learn the ways that the members of the Xizhou community put together their meals and what foods they use in the meals. However, I also want to know the reason behind the way the Xizhou community prepare the dishes and why they use those certain foods. I feel that no matter who you ask, the ways that different people cook and the reason behind those specific techniques are always going to be different.

To help my understand my topic well enough to develop my Big Questions, I did some background reasearch. This will be very benifitial later in this stage. The results of my Phase 3

I enjoy learning new things, pushing myself past my limits, reading, spending time with the people I love, playing sports, being active, and having fun. I am a spunky, athletic, creative person. I like to bake and be in nature. I feel my best when I have had enough sleep, healthy food, and had a good laugh.