Phase 1: Posing Real Questions

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In the past section of Phase 0, I shared my process of elimination to draw a conclusion on my inquiry project topic. After having made the choice of researching on "Xizhou Perspectives: Looking Outward, Looking Ahead", in Phase 1, I will be delving deeper into my topic through providing prior background information and significant questions to guide me through the process of research. 

The prior knowledge I have on this topic is generally basic information. The Bai minority have been maintaining their line of heritage at least for thousands of years, presumably since the Han dynasty. Their long, rich history alludes to the fact that their historical remnants are a source of great pride and identity for their people, an incredibly valuable piece of artifact that connects the past with the present moment of human history. However, parts of the world are going through a renovation in this century of rapid globalization. Not only are historical artifacts damaged and forgotten, but the distinct identity and characteristics of a culture are diminishing from attempts to integrate modern technology in all aspects of society. Xizhou is still a region with remnants of the past, but tourism is becoming a major trend in the town. They also have received a lot of foreign influences due to their thriving trade industry. The Bai minority would be able to provide different, thought-provoking, and interesting perspectives regarding their future and external influences and possibly discuss about some of the serious on-going issues. 

Many of my former understandings about the topic were based on my observations, experiences, and news articles. I encountered many old, worn down buildings going through restoration in Shanghai. Some rare, symbolic elements of this city were being adjusted to the modern society that many people desire. Also, I have read news articles talking about conventional styles of life converting into unorthodox lifestyles, such as modern agricultural technology immensely impacting farmers' lives. The constant observations on the change in Shanghai and parts of the world helped me stir up thoughts regarding this issue. 

I am willing to learn about what Xizhou can potentially contribute to the Chinese community. I want to hear each of the voices of the villagers from various age spectrums to understand the many perspectives of each generation. Throughout the interviews, I would also like to see the link between the future and the past, especially how reflections of the history can determine people's thoughts on all aspects of the world. Furthermore, I wish to receive some more historical background information and rare stories of the past about the once flourishing towns of commerce in Xizhou. 

To allow me create Big Questions in Phase 3, I conducted research through collecting some background information. 

I am fourteen years old and this is my 10th year in China. I have lived in Beijing and Busan (South Korea) before in which I have attended four different schools. I am interested in meeting people who come from diverse cultures and backgrounds, and I am willing to use Microcampus as an opportunity to experience the life on the other side of China. I hope I can gain some more knowledge on the various perspectives people in Xizhou have towards the world, which would help me develop as a stronger, open-minded individual. I am looking forward to this valuable learning experience!