Phase 1: Posing Real Questions

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The creation of a visitor's guide is the topic I chose for my inquiry project in Phase 0. I had a long list of various choices, and I considered each carefully before narrowing them down to my final topic. Now, in Phase 1, I will be referring to the knowledge I acquired in the past and posing questions that are essential in helping me better understand my topic.

What do I already know about this topic?

There are a few things that I already know about visitor's guides. First off, I know that a guide's purpose is to help tourists enjoy and experience the best out of their travel destination. I also understand that visitor's guides can come in any form. They vary from websites, books, magazines, and videos. Inside the guides, the creators collect and offer the best restaurants, accommodations, and tourist attractions based on reviews from other travelers. In addition to that, a guide may also contain additional tips that a traveler may need to keep in mind, such as some simple phrases in the local language, the proper conversion of currency, and transportation in the area. When combined together, these pieces of information form a guide that serves useful to any traveler who needs it.

Where did I learn these things?

My knowledge on this comes from guides I've used before. For example, a specific one is the Lonely Planet guidebook I got when I traveled to Tokyo. I also got my current knowledge from various websites that I used. These guides had content and layout much alike to what I mentioned above. They are all great examples of guides because they had everything I looked for during my trips, and when I ended up traveling at the destinations I really enjoyed visiting the popular listings on the guides. 

What would I want to know about this topic?

There are many things I would like to learn about regarding this topic. I would like to learn more about the process of designing and creating it, and what I could do to make it appealing to the eye. In addition, I would also want to learn how to make my itinerary for the guide plentiful without having it last too many days. I need to know a lot more about Xizhou as well; how to get around, interesting attractions, and more, which I will find out about on the actual trip. There is just so much that I need to learn about in order to create my final product!

Before moving on to asking my Big Questions, I need to do some background research to help me in doing so. This research can be found in Phase 3.


I was born in Canada and my family is from China. I am currently 13 years old, and in my free time, I enjoy reading, playing soccer, playing the guitar, and spending time with my friends. Before moving to the busy city of Shanghai, I lived in Canada and sunny California. SAS has been my favorite school out of the two schools I have been to before, as it offers so many intriguing experiences (like China Alive and Microcampus!) and because it has such a lovely community as well. I am part of the V group of Microcampus, and I am really looking forward to being part of the Microcampus experience!